How to Manage Your Time During the PMP® Exam

How to Manage Your Time During the PMP® Exam

How to Manage Your Time During the PMP® Exam

time management for PMP

Choosing a good certificate program to validate your skill as a project manager is an essential need which many companies look for. So, many IT professionals opt for PMP (Project Management Professional) certification along with pursuing their jobs. But, does getting a good score in the PMP exam scare you? The hustle of time management for the PMP exam must be a constant thought you might be having while doing the exam preparation. Knowing some helpful tips and tricks for the PMP exam can help you a lot during the journey.

Moreover, some exams are easy while some need professional guidance to excel. Exams are the stepping stones that help us take our careers to new heights. However, we need a great education hub that provides professional mentorship and support that helps in acing the exam. If you are preparing for the PMP certification then you might be looking for answers to some of the common questions like what is the ideal PMP prep time, how to do the perfect time management for the PMP exam, how to apply for the exam, and helpful tips to pass PMP exam in the first attempt.

Then your struggle of searching for the answer is over, as in this article we will help you resolve these queries and will list the importance of the PMP certification in your career.

Let’s take a look at the informational things listed regarding all the above questions here.

What Is The Aim Of PMP Certification

PMP is an acclaimed certification course that can enhance your skillset and prepare you for further challenges in the project management field. Before opting for certification it is great to know how it will benefit you. Certification programs and training help you get well versed with the latest advancements happening in the field. Now, talking about the importance of PMP certification, it aims at providing the knowledge required for IT professionals that validates their knowledge and experience. This exam certifies that you have the managerial skills, the idea for project management, and the determination to complete the project under a fixed deadline within a defined budget.

Hence, completing this certification can give you an added advantage in the competitive field. Exams can make you learn new skills and help you hike your career. Let’s see what skillset can you develop by enrolling yourself in a PMP certification program.

Skills Measured By PMP Exam

If you are skeptical about learning the certification, here are the skills that you can develop while choosing the acclaimed IT training program.

1. Develop Skills

You can learn and develop skills that will help you learn advanced and complex projects with perfection.

2. Understanding Projects

Developing a deeper understanding of the projects and process-related.

3. Acquiring Knowledge

The certification will help you understand the scope, budget, and schedule required for project management.

4. Application Of Skills

Apply the methodologies learned during the certification to alter and deliver the best through the projects.

5. Motivation

People usually complete the PMP certification while pursuing their current job. Motivation helps in boosting their confidence to clear the PMP exam and also acts as a key factor in motivating the future team while playing the role of a project manager.

6. Conflict Management

A team may have a difference of opinions as people may have varied areas of interests, experience, and specializations. PMP certification can help you learn how to deal with various conflicts and challenges that can arise in your work life.

7. Communication

Being a project manager you will have to spend most of your time communicating with your team members, and clients. To have a deeper understanding of people and their perspectives the project manager should have excellent communication skills.

8. Team Building

A good project manager should possess great team-building skills. There are various departments and people working in an organization. A project manager should know how to build a team from various departments. Choosing a dedicated and goal-oriented team is a skill set which a project manager learns through PMP certification.

After reading about the perks of this certification course you might be tempted to enroll yourself in it. You can choose a good medium to give you such recognized certifications with assistance and support throughout.

Once you have decided to appear for the exams you might get anxious about the preparation. Time management is the best savior to surpass any exam. If you are also worried about PMP certification preparation time then follow the time-division mantra given below.

How To Divide Time During PMP Exam

Now first let’s learn about the time given to finish the exam. The PMP examination is conducted for 230 minutes. There are 180 questions asked in the exam that the candidate needs to read and answer on a computer-based exam. You can allot a time of 1.28 minutes if you want to give equal time and attention to each question.

During the examination, you will get two sets of breaks. The first break will be given after 6 questions and the second after completing 120 questions. Once you take the break you won’t be allowed to revisit the questions you were looking at before the break. So make sure that you have revised the entire section of 60 questions before going for a break during the examination. During your PMP prep time, you can exercise some strategies that can help you for the final exam.

Since the exam requires your attention to the questions listed you must be able to the time management for the PMP exam well in order to answer questions successfully and get certified.

Useful Tips Of Time Management For PMP Exam

Once you have understood how to divide the time equally for every question, your next challenge is what additional tips and tricks for the PMP exam can be followed to achieve your goal. Keeping your approach smart and using some effective tips for the PMP exam can give you noticeable results in your performance.

Time Management For PMP
1. Take Mock Exams

Mock exams help you prepare for the main exams, as they provide a rough idea so that you can excel in the final examination. You can take the sample tests to check your PMP prep time and see how your preparation is going. This will help you learn your weak points and also give you a rough time management idea. You can prepare a timetable as well that will help you in answering the project management questions and answers for the exams.

2. Check Your Stamina

The paper is for almost 4 hours which is a long time to complete the exam if you have prepared well and strategize your time accordingly. While taking the mock exam, divide your time and make new time management strategies to see which one of them works best for you.

3. Answer Easy Questions First

Once the question paper appears in front of you, start answering them but do not spend more than 50 seconds on each question. Pick the easy questions first and keep the difficult ones for later. If you get stuck in tough ones, you won’t get enough time to finish the easy ones. This is a clever yet effective strategy of time management for PMP.

4. Revisit The Leftover Questions

Now if you have left some questions for review, you can revisit them once you have answered the easy questions. Be careful to visit the questions before the break. This will help you save time and you can give leftover time to the ones that require brainstorming.

5. Schedule Break For Rest

Do not take unnecessary pressure off the exam and try to stay calm as this might affect your performance. Manage your time accordingly so that you can get a 10-minute break for the toilet and refreshment.

That’s all for the tips and tricks to pass the PMP exam on the first attempt. Hope these prove to be helpful while attempting for PMP. But, before appearing for any examination you must know what is its importance and how it can benefit you soon. Here are some points that explain the importance of doing PMP certification.

Why IS PMP Certification Important?

If you are looking for a certification course that builds up your confidence in managing advanced-level projects then you should opt for PMP certification.

  • CIO magazine has ranked PMP as the best and top project management certification in North America as it gives the necessary advanced level skills to the employers to seek perfection and face the rising advanced level demands.
  • This certification will provide you with a great hike in your salary.
  • Develops your skills and teaches you to work smartly and create an impact around the world.
Time Management For PMP

Eligibility For PMP Exam

PMP is a valuable course and you must choose it once you have fulfilled the following requirements:

  • A four-year degree program
  • 36 months leading projects
  • Education of 35 hours in Project Management or CAPM certification.


  • A high school diploma or an associate degree
  • 60 months leading projects
  • 35 hours of training or education in Project Management or CAPM certification.

How To Apply For PMP Exam

Students often worry about the enrollment process for the exam. To understand the step-by-step process of how a candidate can apply for the PMP exam, follow the points mentioned below.

The application process of the PMP is a validation process by which the PMI (Project Management Institute) can check your years of experience and education as a project manager.

  1. You need to first create an account on
  2. Fill in your details and complete the online application.
  3. Wait till you get the notification of completeness
  4. Complete the audit materials
  5. Pay the required fee
  6. Start preparing for the exam
  7. Schedule your exam and pass
  8. Get certification of your achievement

Are you worried about the time taking and long registration process required for the certification? Are you busy working and looking forward to a reliable source to take care of all the registration, training, certification, and slot allotment process for the PMP certification?

The solution to all the above worries is Zoc Learnings. Zoc Learnings is the World’s best IT training and certification hub that provides recognized IT certifications to boost your career. Here, you can get full-time free exam assistance right from the initial step of the certification till the final step for the completion of the exam.

If you don’t know which certification you should choose to make your career impactful in the competitive field then you can also avail the free career mentoring services provided by us. The highly experienced and exceptionally qualified trainers at ZOC will give you the right advice to choose the certification course that will help you build your career.

As we all know, our resume is the virtual image of our achievements and it should be impressive and convincing. The experts at ZOC will help you how to present your qualifications in the best way possible. So, by choosing ZOC, you can also get amazing career-boosting services like career mentoring, Linkedin profile building, resume writing, and much more at a very low cost.

Concluding Thoughts!

Certain IT companies lookup for candidates who have cleared the IT certifications necessary for a job profile. The competition in the IT profession is increasing day by day and to stay ahead in the race you need to compete and be the best. Getting a PMP certificate to validate your experience and skill as a project manager can help you grow your career. Hope this write-up gave you a vision of exploring PMP certification and a deeper insight into the tips and tricks of time management for the PMP exam. If you have more queries on this topic please comment down below. We would also appreciate and love to work upon the suggestions given by you.

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