Certified Scrum Master® (CSM) Certification Training Course

Get hands on experience of the scrum methodology by the experts. Open new career opportunities by understanding the advancing real world demands.

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CSM Certification

About CSM® Certification

Scrum, an Agile methodology, has been gaining traction in the business world for its ability to foster innovation and increase efficiency. A high-performing Scrum team is essential to an Agile project’s success, and the Scrum Master is the person in charge of leading the project in the right direction. The Certified Scrum Master® (CSM®) training gives you the confidence to successfully deploy the Scrum methodology in businesses.

As a Certified Scrum Master, you will be recognized as part of a select group of Scrum Alliance members. Scrum Alliance members are supposed to be Scrum experts, coaching project teams to success.

Accredited by :

Scrum Alliance


This Scrum Master Certification course has no specific prerequisites, and it may be taken by freshmen or professionals who want to:

  1. Develop their project management skills.

        2. Improve their knowledge of Scrum.

Our knowledgeable CSTs give training that is appropriate for both novice and seasoned professionals. However, in order to get the most out of the programme, you should have a fundamental understanding of how to use Scrum in a real-world setting.

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    CSM Course Curriculum

    Certified Scrum Master - 2 Days (16 Hours)

    The Certified ScrumMaster Syllabus covers the basics and leads up to advanced Scrum concepts.

    • Agile Manifesto
    • 12 Principles
    • 4 values
    • Scrum Foundations (5 Scrum Values)
    • Scrum Master roles and challenges
    • Product Owner Roles and Responsibilities
    • Development team roles and responsibilities
    • Sprint planning
    • Daily Scrum
    • Sprint Review
    • Sprint Retrospective
    • Product Backlog
    • Sprint Backlog
    • Product Increment
    • Sprint Execution Planning
    • Flow management
    • Resolution meetings
    • Communication (Taskboard, Sprint burndown chart using story points, hours effort)
    • Activities in daily scrum
    • Activities in the sprint retrospective
    • Definition of Done for a feature (user story or product backlog item)
    • Definition of Done for a sprint
    • Definition of Done for a release
    • Definition of Done vs. Acceptance criteria
    • Done vs. Done-Done.
    • Definition of Ready for user story
    • Definition of Ready for sprint
    • Definition of release planning
    • Who takes part in release planning
    • Steps in Release planning
    • The output of Release Planning
    • Definition
    • Why and when to use a sprint burndown chart
    • Information obtained from sprint burndown chart
    • Definition
    • Features
    • How to create a release burn-up chart (steps)
    • What is product planning
    • What is product vision
    • How to create a product backlog
    • Product Roadmap 
    • Minimum Releasable features (or) Minimum Marketable Features 
    • Minimum Viable Products
    • Definition
    • Benefits of Agile Estimation
    • Agile estimation techniques

    Exam Info

    Our Training Modalities

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    Online Live Instructor-led Classroom Training with Most Experienced & Highly Qualified Real-Time Trainers

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    Extensive hands-on class room training at par with international standards

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    Corporate Training

    Dedicated and strategised learning methodologies to achieve improved and effective ROI of employees in the organisation.

    Agile Scrum Key Features

    Key Features of CSM Training with ZOC

    Skills You Learn

    ASM- Course Introduction

    Who can join CSM Training?

    Anyone new to the agile way of work will find value from the concepts covered in the CSM course. Scrum is applicable across industries and potentially cross-functional teams, so marketers, data scientists, HR representatives, and other professionals looking for a better way to solve complex problems are encouraged to attend.


    Why Choose Zoc?

    Best AccreditedTrainer
    Best Accredited Trainer

    We provide the best training by an experienced & accredited trainer. Our trainers are highly qualified and have decades of experience in the subject.

    Free CareerMentor
    Free Career

    If the participant is having problems with his/her career or skills or is depressed due to lack of promotion, we offer free career mentoring and point out the right path for him/her.

    InternationallyRecognised Certifications
    Internationally Recognised Certifications

    We are a well-known Accredited Training & Certification Organization, offering more than 75 globally recognized professional certifications.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee
    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    Ensure your success in the certification exam. You are covered with 100% money back guarantee.®

    100% Pass Rate
    Pass Rate

    Guaranteed Pass in Training Certification. Our trainers discuss real time scenarios so that the participant can learn easily.

    No HiddenCharges
    No Hidden Charges

    Course fee includes training fee, exam fee, certification fee & all taxes. We do not charge any additional/hidden fees.

    Gratifying Reviews From ZOC Learners

    Haftu Hailezgy
    Haftu Hailezgy
    Recently, I had a chance to attend an online course with Zoc Learnings remotely from West Africa, and I was satisfied with the training quality, staff dedication and delivery as promised in general and specifically I respect and appreciate the client orientation skill demonstrated by the sales manager named Ganesh Angane.
    Ankur Srivastava
    Ankur Srivastava
    Zoe technologies is a great place to learn and passing the cloud certifications. I passed my Azure Administrator exam with the help of learning materials/training provided by the company. Pooja is really helpful co-ordinator and she helped a lot in guiding me to the correct training tutors.
    Gaurav Dubey
    Gaurav Dubey
    Good experience with zoc
    Afroz Alam
    Afroz Alam
    Very educative and totally worth it. I'm happy and i feel fulfilled being able to complete this course successfully. The tutor took his time to explain each concept and the videos were short and straight to the point. Assignments and class works were challenging, which helps in understanding what is being taught. Thank you
    Zoc Learnings is very professional and great Training institute. The trainers come with many years of experience and in-depth knowledge. They helped me to prepare well for information security as well project management related certifications. Highly recommend for people aspiring on International certifications…Thank you for the great support.
    Amit Kamate
    Amit Kamate
    Through Professional approach of the Institute. They are very supportive and training were to the mark . Ganesh was specifically looking after my training program and was always available for any assistance. I cleared my PMP exams and thanks to Ganesh and Kavita and those who all guided me . Definitely I recommend this institute
    Md Rahman
    Md Rahman
    Pooja is so active person. She is so responsible to finish his job
    Heston D'Silva
    Heston D'Silva
    Great services and training as always. Thanks to Pooja for her support and professionalism. Highly recommend.

    Certified Scrum Master Training FAQs

    With ZOC’s Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Certification and Training Course, you get hands-on experience with the scrum methodology by experts. We cover the entire domain as prescribed by Scrum Alliance and ensure that candidates are 100% ready for the examination. You can trust ZOC as we have served 16000+ happy clients with a 98% pass rate. You will get a chance to be flexible with your training, that is, choose between online live classes or in-person training sessions. We also offer corporate training.

    All our trainers are appointed based on their expertise and experience in the given sectors and courses. They are adept in guiding the candidates through the exam outline while providing resourceful insights from the real world. From simplifying complex topics to being present for any doubts and queries, every instructor at ZOC is a specialist in ensuring you pass the course easily.

    The certified Scrum Master workshop can be held in flexible ways. You can opt for online training, which includes live real-time classes with our instructors. We also offer in-person training for hands-on understanding and interaction. Finally, you can opt for corporate training to improve your employee ROI.

    Yes, we provide premium and quality training material for the CSM certification. Materials include courseware, a question bank and a training kit. Additionally, with ZOC’s CSM Certification and Training course, you get access to study material authorized by Scrum Alliance and resources like case studies, eBooks and mock tests for a year.

    We provide real-time live session training where you can interact with the instructor and follow their directions. You can register for online or in-person training based on your preference and enjoy learning in real-time.

    ZOC provides CSM certification training in India, America and Dubai. Interested candidates from other countries and cities can also apply for ZOC’s CSM certification training through the online live mode.

    A certified ScrumMaster, also referred to as the coach, is the team leader and motivator of an Agile team. The duties of a Scrum Master include guiding team members in adhering to scrum procedures and educating the team on agile methodologies. A competent ScrumMaster supports the development of a high-performing team dynamic and ensures continuous flow and exponential process improvement. They are accountable for the steady growth of a Scrum team and must play a crucial role. 

    The Product Owner (PO), who is concerned with creating the appropriate product, and the development team, who is involved with creating the correct product, work in tandem with the ScrumMaster. The primary responsibility of a ScrumMaster is to ensure that everyone understands and adopts Scrum’s values, principles, and practices to provide the best possible product to the client.

    There are various skills and characteristics that a ScrumMaster should possess. The ScrumMaster should be knowledgeable about the technology the team will utilize to develop final solutions, as well as the technical problems the team must solve. They should be patient and give the team enough time to come up with the right solutions on their own. Sometimes all that is required is to keep an eye on how the team handles a particular problem and intervene only when necessary.

    You must be able to collaborate effectively with the product owner, development team, and all other parties as a ScrumMaster, including those who may not be directly involved with Scrum. Finally, the Scrum Master should be open and honest in all modes of communication. There shouldn’t be any unspoken intentions while dealing with team members; what you see and hear from the ScrumMaster must be what you deliver.

    Different organizations provide different kinds of ScrumMaster certifications. One of the oldest qualifications for Scrum masters was created by the Scrum Alliance in 2002 with the creation of the Certified ScrumMaster program. They also offer advanced Scrum certifications, including Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM), Certified Scrum Professional – ScrumMaster (CSP-SM) and Certified Agile Coach Certified Scrum Trainer (CTC). 

    Among other certifications, Scrum.org issues the Professional Scrum Master certification, which comprises three levels. The Project Management Institute offers Agile Certified Professional Certification. The Scaled Agile organization offers certification opportunities for their Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), which implements Agile, Lean, and Scrum principles for businesses.

    The Agile approach is sweeping the world, and having a CSM accreditation might help you distinguish yourself from the crowd. These certifications demonstrate that you are a capable leader who can provide knowledge far beyond what a typical project manager could.

    A certification can help you overcome challenges whether you are a Scrum novice or a professional who has used Scrum in the past. It is an extra benefit when you’re using the same framework to manage large teams across departments in an organization. Your employment options, too, will increase significantly if you become a Certified Scrum Master. Compared to colleagues who are not certified, this certification will increase your relevance and make you a stronger contender in your industry. Additionally, it gives you the abilities you need to support organizational transformation and achieve the company’s objectives. Additionally, it demonstrates your agile approach, which is valuable to most firms.

    Your employment options will increase with the hands-on skills and practical understanding you gain from ZOC’s CSM training. You will have everything you need to take and pass the CSM exam once you have finished the course. You can start applying immediately after clearing the exam.

    Top companies hiring CSM-certified personnel globally include IMB, Deloitte, Capgemini, Accenture, Bosch and Honeywell, among others. CSM certification can give you a good role in global companies and expand your career horizons.

    Scrum tools can vary according to your company and team’s requirements. However, some common tools you can try are ProjectManager.com (used by organizations like Ralph Laurent and Volvo for project management), Jira (the most commonly used cloud membership-based Scrum tool), TargetProcess (supports various agile frameworks and is customizable), ClickUp (offers wide range of training resources) and VivifyScrum (a well-balanced tool with a good UI and appealing scrum features).

    ZOC offers one of the best training for the CSM certification exam. You can find out about the best offers for the course and course materials by contacting the ZOC team today.

    To get CSM certification, you need to pass the CSM test from your Scrum Alliance certification account. However, to pass the test, you must take quality training by opting for a good CSM course like that offered by ZOC. Our CSM course ensures that you understand every domain of the exam and are skilled with hands-on experience to prevent any challenges. Once you’ve completed the course at ZOC, you can apply for the exam. You need to score at least 37 out of 50 to get the CSM certification.

    ZOC’s CSM certification training is a 2-days long. During the course, you get to learn the detailed syllabus for the CSM certification exam, comprising 13 modules. Our trainers also provide a complete lowdown on the exam details and address other queries you might have.

    According to Glassdoor, the salary of ScrumMaster in India can vary from INR 5L to INR 24L. On average, a ScrumMaster can have a salary of INR 13L in India. Good training and successful certification from Scrum Alliance are invaluable for a good salary for the role of a ScrumMaster. You can contact ZOC to start your training today.

    The Scrum Framework is being used by the majority of enterprises in India and worldwide, which is driving up demand for ScrumMaster specialists. A ScrumMaster career path will provide access to numerous lucrative jobs, businesses, and sectors. By gaining additional skills from this certification, you can advance to new positions like Agile Coaches, Product Owners, Project Managers, Mentors, and Chief Information Officers (CIOs). 

    CSM training in India is in high demand because of the value it adds to teams and individual skill sets. Every team needs a dedicated member who can manage and complete various Agile projects; hence there is an increasing demand for ScrumMasters. Further, 72% of CSM holders marked progression in their career, as the credential helps improve leadership skills, influences organizational change and acts as a gold standard of agile certification.

    The exam process in India is the same as it is globally. To appear for the ScrumMaster certification, you first check your eligibility (just sufficient knowledge of Scrum is required), followed by training with a good CSM course. You can opt for ZOC for this stage and enjoy easy and convenient learning with a 98% passing guarantee. Finally, you must register with Scrum Alliance and appear for the CSM exam. The exam consists of 50 multiple-choice questions to be answered within an hour.

    There are no prerequisites for this Scrum Master Certification course in India, so it may be taken by beginners or professionals who want to advance their project management abilities or Scrum expertise.

    Our skilled CSTs provide instructions suitable for both inexperienced and seasoned professionals. However, you need to have a fundamental comprehension of how to apply Scrum in a practical situation in order to get the most out of the curriculum.

    You have 90 days to finish the CSM test after receiving the initial welcome email from Scrum Alliance that includes the account activation link. Additionally, students are permitted two free attempts to pass the CSM exam. You will be required to pay a $25 USD test attempt fee if you fail the test twice or finish it after 90 days.

    The CSM certification exam in India is an online non-proctored examination. It is not held in-location; candidates just need to appear for the exam from their Scrum Alliance account. It is a one-hour exam, and candidates must appear for it within 90 days after account activation.

    Candidates need to score at least 37 out of 50 in order to pass the CSM exam. Hence, you need to score 74% to receive your CSM certification from Scrum Alliance. All 50 questions in the exam are multiple-choice questions, and you get an hour to answer them.

    Scrum Alliance’s Certified ScrumMaster certification is valid for two years. It will be available on your Scrum Alliance account after passing the exam, and you can also take a printout of the same.

    Scrum Masters are in high demand across all industries since Scrum is the most popular Agile framework for project management. If you work in an organisation that uses Agile frequently, CSM should be your first choice.

    The Certified ScrumMaster® course covers the foundations that any Scrum team member or professional Scrum Master needs to know.

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    Achieve the Certified Scrum Master certification and help your team prosper.

    Someone with a Certified Scrum Master certification can be defined as a Scrum team member whose main task is to foster a productive and effective working environment and guide other colleagues to understand the values, practices, and principles of Scrum. Scrum masters are generally people-oriented individuals, possess high emotional intelligence, and are joyous when they can help their team members grow and improve. If you wish to work as a Scrum Master, need the abilities for enhanced agility, or are embracing Scrum, our CSM (Certified Scrum Master) programme would be the perfect place to start.

    A few words about the course

    The Certified Scrum Master course is the right option for people willing to grow and become more agile with Scrum. This course has been designed keeping them in mind. By participating in the program, you would learn the Scrum framework and understand phenomena such as team accountabilities, artifacts, and events. This way, you would also learn how to guide your team members to apply Scrum. Scrum Alliance is regarded by many as being the gold standard of IT (information technology) certifications.

    Who should be taking the course?

    This particular program is the right option for the following professionals:
    • Scrum Masters
    • Software engineers
    • Susiness analysts
    • Project managers
    • New Scrum team members
    If you are new to the way of working known as Agile, you will derive immense value from the concepts covered in this course. Scrum can be applied in any industry as well as in cross-functional teams. This is why if you are a marketer, data scientist, or HR (human resource) representative looking for better ways to solve complex problems, you will do well to attend the program. You can be sure that all the money you spend on meeting the Certified Scrum Master certification cost will be well worth it.

    Become the best Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master

    95% of those who have earned this qualification say they would advise a friend or member of their family to do so. You need the best training for this, and we are the best option that you have for that. So, contact us for the best Certified Scrum Master course. For that, call us at +91 8655 026094 or email us at hello@zoctech.com.