Here is all you need to Know About PMP Exam Change 2021

Here is all you need to Know About PMP Exam Change 2021

Here is all you need to Know About PMP Exam Change 2021

Project Management Professional is a professional certification course administered by the Project Management Institute. PMP certification examination is for project managers for development processes, and it varies from general certification exam development practices. PMI has assured that its certification method is arranged with the most beneficial techniques of the trade. And this certification is accredited by ISO 17024 standards.

The PMP New Exam 2021

PMP exam has a new version for the upcoming year; the PMI administered a market investigation study on the Global Practice Analysis. It originated some expert trends that were not discussed in the earlier PMP exam. PMI has adopted various methods as inputs into the Job Task Analysis for securing the significance and efficacy of the PMP examination. The validation will guarantee that a project management practitioner’s particular expertise and abilities are estimated and assessed rightly during the exam. The Job Task Analysis will ensure that the PMP examination stratagems every component of Project Management Professionals in actual cases.

Project management practitioners necessitate different skills and strategies to achieve results and value to their businesses.PMP certificationholders should be confident as the PMP exam’s new pattern is designed according to the most reasonable test development standards. They are based on input from practitioners who have discovered these methods.

How are these changes determined and organized?

The experts and holders of project management contribute to the prevailing acceptable manners and recommend enhancements in the whole world. A governing body examines these, and the modifications are accepted, and then the plan has been decided. The outcome of this research will be the publication of a new PMP exam content outline in December of 2020, and in January 2021, this unique outline will lead to a modernized PMP exam.

Why is The PMP Exam Changing in 2021?

The PMP exam is developing because, in recent years, our jobs have changed a lot as project managers. In almost every 3-5 years, PMI investigates how the situation has progressed, the influence of developing trends, and how project managers’ abilities have grown.

All leading organizations have some Subject matter experts who have served with PMI to define the PMP of the future. The result of this analysis was the discovery of a new PMP Examination Content Outline in June of 2019, and on 2 January 2021, this new outline will lead to an updated PMP exam.

What are the 2021 PMP Exam Changes?

The current PMP Examination Content Outline was declared on 30 June 2019. This document outlines the syllabus/content of the PMP exam. This indicates that PMI is now renewing thePMP Exam Changeto meet the new syllabus requirements, and the latest exam will go into effect on 2 January 2021.

The PMP exam is NOT based on a guide to The Project Management Body of Knowledge. The PMBOK Guide is only one of several references PMI exercises to produce their PMP exam questions. Alternatively, the exam is based on The PMP Examination Content Outline.

PMI is waiting for a considerably long time until the exam content outline’s new exam specifications come into influence. This critical decision also enables learners to provide for and pass the ongoing exam before the modifications happen.

Is The PMBOK® Guide Changing?

The exam is persisting in being, however, based on PMBoK 6th edition, the current edition. The structure and possibly the exam content is developing. The details will be renewed by PMI soon, and ProThoughts will instantly refresh for their members.

The PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition continues to be a good post in January 2021 as thoroughly.

The 2021 PMP Exam Changes explained.

The prevailing PMP exam is based on five performance domains, only beginning 2 January 2021, the exam will be based on three parts. These domains are defined in the PMP Exam Content Outline (ECO).

Domain IInitiatingPeople
Domain IIPlanningProcess
Domain IIIExecutingBusiness Environment
Domain IVMonitoring & Controlling
Domain VClosing

Here is what this change from 5 to 3 domains means:

  • PMI announced the latest exam content outline on 30 June 2019.
  • The new framework is a ‘radical’ but a remarkably relevant escape from all prior exam content frames.

The latest PMP exam will demand applicants to have experience in and answer questions from 3 domains:

  1. People (42%)
  2. Process (50%)
  3. Business Environment (8%)

The exam content outline lists tasks within each of these three domains and Enablers. PMP Exam Change clarifies that almost half of the examination will express imminent project management strategies, and the other half will represent active or hybrid systems.

PMP® Certification Eligibility Requirements

The Project Management Institute (PMI) has set some initial requirements for the PMI new exam. And they are as follows:

1. Associate’s degree, high school diploma, or global equivalent

  • Minimum five years of professional project management experience.
  • 7500 hours of managing and delivering projects.
  • Thirty-five contact hours of project management education.

2. Bachelor’s degree or global equivalent

  • Minimum of five years of experience in professional project management.
  • 4500 hours of leading and delivering projects.
  • Thirty-five contact hours of project management education.

3. Experience

It should include all the five processes mentioned in the PMBOK Guide for the experience. Here is a list of useful knowledge, tasks, and skills for the PMP exam:

  • Determining the project’s high-level scope based on business conditions and agreement for meeting the customer’s project expectations.
  • Introducing the project’s plan to the critical stakeholders for obtaining approval to accomplish the task.
  • Accomplishing the project deliverable within the detailed budget and schedule by completing tasks as defined in the plan.
  • Communicating the project’s status to the stakeholders for getting their feedback and guaranteeing that the business’s requirements are arranged with the project.
  • Managing with the sponsors and clients to get the final project deliverable and verify that the scope and deliverables were met.

What are the Consequences of the 2021 PMP Exam Change?

1. The new PMP Exam will be more difficult

the new PMP exam has so many new topics and techniques added to the exam that you have to know about, so passing the exam will be more challenging.

2. 35 Contact Hours At least

PMI demands that you “Verify at least 35 contact hours of specific instruction that addressed learning objectives in project management”. Nevertheless, now that the exam includes about double as much content, you should expect an in-depth exam prep course will be significantly enlarged.

PMI has a designated Crisis Task Force for continuously observing the current circumstance arising from COVID-19 (Coronavirus). They are considering steps to make this challenging time more manageable for their association. Because of that, they have elongated access to the existing PMP exam until 21 December 2020.

When should you appear for the exam, before December 2020 or After?

We would recommend it before 2020.

The reason is simple – Now, we know what it takes to clear the exam with the current pattern and content. We are aware of the correct exam strategy and how to achieve PMP certification with a brilliant result. Our recommendation is to start the earliest. The sooner the better.

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