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CRISC® Certification

About CRISC Certification

Certified Risk & Information Systems Control (CRISC) is a framework outlined for diminishing threats to overall business mechanics. It is a measure to supplement your abilities to plan and appliance in a real place of work with effective risk reduction apprehensions without any torment to innovations. With full-fledged training in CRISC, you will be acknowledged as a professional with the capabilities to comprehend and resolve organizational IT risk.
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Accredited by :


  • 3 years of progressive experience in IT Risk management and IS control and across 2 of the 4 domains of CRISC, one in Domain 1 or 2 is a necessity.
  • Another CRISC certification from its successful accomplishment of the examination.
  • Adherence to the professional ethics of the CRISC certification code.
  • Adherence to ISACA continuing Professional Education (CPE) Policy.

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    June 25
    July 03
    09 Days
    09:00 am – 05:00 pm
    ISO 27001
    June 25
    July 03
    09 Days
    09:00 am – 05:00 pm
    MSP 5F
    June 25
    July 03
    09 Days
    09:00 am – 05:00 pm
    CEHV 11
    June 25
    July 03
    09 Days
    09:00 am – 05:00 pm
    June 25
    July 03
    09 Days
    09:00 am – 05:00 pm
    June 25
    July 03
    09 Days
    09:00 am – 05:00 pm
    June 25
    July 03
    09 Days
    09:00 am – 05:00 pm

    CRISC Course Curriculum

    CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control) - 3 Days (24 Hours)
    The CRISC course is designed for those who have experience with risk identification, assessment, and evaluation; risk response; risk monitoring; information systems control design and implementation; and information systems control monitoring and maintenance.
    • Governance and Risk management
    • The Context of IT Risk Management
    • Key Concepts of Risk
    • Risk in Relation to Other Business Functions
    • IT Risk Management Good Practices
    • Risk Capacity, Risk Appetite, and Risk Tolerance
    • Risk Culture and Communication
    • Elements of Risk
    • Information Security Risk Concepts and Principles
    • The IT Risk Strategy of the Business
    • IT Concepts and Areas of Concern for the Risk Practitioner
    • Methods of Risk Identification
    • IT Risk Scenarios
    • Ownership and Accountability
    • The IT Risk Register
    • Risk Awareness
    • Risk Assessment Techniques
    • Analyzing Risk Scenarios
    • Current State of Controls
    • Changes in the Risk Environment
    • Project and Program Management
    • Risk and Control Analysis
    • Risk Analysis Methodologies
    • Risk Ranking
    • Documenting Risk Assessments
    • Aligning Risk Response with Business Objectives
    • Risk Response Options
    • Analysis Techniques
    • Vulnerabilities Associated with New Controls
    • Developing a Risk Action Plan
    • Business Process Review Tools and Techniques
    • Control Design and Implementation
    • Control Monitoring and Effectiveness
    • Types of Risk
    • Control Activities, Objectives, Practices, and Metrics
    • Systems Control Design and Implementation
    • Impact of Emerging Technologies on Design and Implementation of Controls
    • Control Ownership
    • Risk management Procedures and Documentation
    • Key Risk Indicators
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Data Collection and Extraction Tools and Techniques
    • Monitoring Controls
    • Control Assessment Types
    • Results of Control Assessments
    • Changes to the IT Risk Profile

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    Online Live Classes

    Online Live Instructor-led Classroom Training with Most Experienced & Highly Qualified Real-Time Trainers

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    Public Classes

    Extensive hands-on class room training at par with international standards

    Training & Development
    Corporate Training

    Dedicated and strategised learning methodologies to achieve improved and effective ROI of employees in the organisation.

    IT Security Key Features

    CRISC Training with ZOC

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    Why Choose ZOC?

    Best AccreditedTrainer
    Best Accredited Trainer

    We provide the best training by an experienced & accredited trainer. Our trainers are highly qualified and have decades of experience in the subject.

    Free CareerMentor
    Free Career

    If the participant is having problems with his/her career or skills or is depressed due to lack of promotion, we offer free career mentoring and point out the right path for him/her.

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    Internationally Recognised Certifications

    We are a well-known Accredited Training & Certification Organization, offering more than 75 globally recognized professional certifications.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee
    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    Ensure your success in the certification exam. You are covered with 100% money back guarantee.®

    100% Pass Rate
    Pass Rate

    Guaranteed Pass in Training Certification. Our trainers discuss real time scenarios so that the participant can learn easily.

    No HiddenCharges
    No Hidden Charges

    Course fee includes training fee, exam fee, certification fee & all taxes. We do not charge any additional/hidden fees.

    Gratifying Reviews From ZOC Learners

    Haftu Hailezgy
    Haftu Hailezgy
    Recently, I had a chance to attend an online course with Zoc Learnings remotely from West Africa, and I was satisfied with the training quality, staff dedication and delivery as promised in general and specifically I respect and appreciate the client orientation skill demonstrated by the sales manager named Ganesh Angane.
    Ankur Srivastava
    Ankur Srivastava
    Zoe technologies is a great place to learn and passing the cloud certifications. I passed my Azure Administrator exam with the help of learning materials/training provided by the company. Pooja is really helpful co-ordinator and she helped a lot in guiding me to the correct training tutors.
    Gaurav Dubey
    Gaurav Dubey
    Good experience with zoc
    Afroz Alam
    Afroz Alam
    Very educative and totally worth it. I'm happy and i feel fulfilled being able to complete this course successfully. The tutor took his time to explain each concept and the videos were short and straight to the point. Assignments and class works were challenging, which helps in understanding what is being taught. Thank you
    Zoc Learnings is very professional and great Training institute. The trainers come with many years of experience and in-depth knowledge. They helped me to prepare well for information security as well project management related certifications. Highly recommend for people aspiring on International certifications…Thank you for the great support.
    Amit Kamate
    Amit Kamate
    Through Professional approach of the Institute. They are very supportive and training were to the mark . Ganesh was specifically looking after my training program and was always available for any assistance. I cleared my PMP exams and thanks to Ganesh and Kavita and those who all guided me . Definitely I recommend this institute
    Md Rahman
    Md Rahman
    Pooja is so active person. She is so responsible to finish his job
    Heston D'Silva
    Heston D'Silva
    Great services and training as always. Thanks to Pooja for her support and professionalism. Highly recommend.

    CRISC Training FAQs

    ZOC’s Certified in Risk and Information System Control (CRISC) certification training program is designed for professionals who use information system controls to detect and manage corporate risks. The program will assist you in comprehending the effects of IT risks and gaining technical expertise in putting effective information and security measures in place to handle the difficulties these risks present. The course is accredited by ISACA.

    A CRISC certification demonstrates your proficiency in Governance, IT Risk Assessment, Risk Response and Reporting, and Information Technology and Security, whether you’re looking for a new job or hoping to advance within your existing firm. Enhancing stakeholder value and company resilience ensures more trust with peers, stakeholders, and regulators. 94% of companies claim it provides value, while 52% of employees claim it helps them fill a skill gap.

    Professionals who have knowledge of risk identification, assessment, and evaluation should take the CRISC course. CRISC is incredibly valuable for you if you work as an IT professional, risk professional, control professional, business analyst, project manager, or compliance professional and want to improve your skills and rise up in your career.

    CRISC is a valuable course if you want to rise up in your career both in terms of skills and salary. ISACA states that 30K+ CRISC holders worldwide leverage reduced skill gaps and higher productivity with the certification. 44% of employees enjoy improved productivity after CRISC certification, which helps them perform better in their careers. As one of the top-paying certifications, CRISC can help you land a higher-paying job, proving your skills and knowledge in risk management and best governance practices.

    The CRISC course covers 5 domains covering everything from Introduction and IT Risk Management to Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting. Candidates will get deep insights into important domains like IT Risks, IT Risk Assessment, and Risk Response and Mitigation. The domains emphasize organizational governance, ongoing risk monitoring and reporting, information security, and data privacy considerations for effective IT risk management.

    Nowadays, risk management is very important because of the prevalence of cybercrimes, particularly those involving fraud and theft of personal data. Digitalizing our personal and professional lives has made cybersecurity a primary responsibility, particularly for enterprises. CRISC-trained professionals are better aware of information technology risks and how they affect the whole company. Additionally, they create strategies and plans for reducing those risks. Finally, CRISC experts create a common language to ease interaction and comprehension.

    ISACA-accredited CRISC course is the fourth top-paying certification worldwide with 52% on-the-job improvement. The average salary of CRISC holders worldwide is US $151K+. The CRISC course certifies your proficiency in developing a well-defined, agile risk-management program that is based on best practices for identifying, analyzing, evaluating, assessing, prioritizing, and dealing with risks. This improves realization and gives you a chance to bolster your earning potential.

    Yes, our training modalities include corporate training. We plan dedicated and strategic learning techniques to produce better and more effective ROI for employees in the organization. We also provide public classes, including extensive hands-on classroom training at par with international standards. We believe on-site training may benefit any size organization by enabling you to train as many staff as you require. You can save time and money by taking advantage of ZOC’s on-site training.

    We are flexible with the training modalities you want to opt for. For the CRISC training course, you can opt for online live instructor-led classrooms, public classes with hands-on group training, or scheduled corporate training. For each delivery method, we ensure you are connected with an experienced instructor, enabling quality understanding. You can also attend a doubt-clearing session at the end of the course for a well-rounded comprehension of the course.

    The CRISC exam is 4 hours long (240 minutes). In the duration, candidates must attempt 150 multiple-choice questions based on a curriculum covering five risk management and reporting domains.

    The CRISC exam is administered and proctored by PSI testing centers, located in all 50 states and 120 different countries. Exam takers can take the exam in a computer lab under the supervision of an on-site proctor. Otherwise, online proctored remote testing is currently permitted from home or other locations without additional fees and with complete flexibility about day and hour.


    If taking the exam in person is preferred, candidates can use ISACA to find the nearest PSI test center and choose an exam date. From here, test takers can confirm that the testing facility is available when and where they need it to register for their exam.

    Yes, you can check answers before the end of the test. In fact, it is advisable to flag off questions you are unsure about while attempting the exam and revisit them after you’re done more or less. Finally, review all the answers once again to be a hundred percent sure about them.

    Following the exam’s conclusion, you will see your preliminary result (pass or fail) on the screen. Within ten business days of the exam date, you will receive an email with your official score and have access to it online. You will get information on how to apply for certification if you are successful.

    First, you must meet certain requirements to prepare for and pass the CRISC test. This includes three years of progressive experience in IT risk management, IS control, and across two of the four CRISC domains, one in Domain 1 or 2; another CRISC accreditation as a result of passing the exam; adherence to the CRISC certification code’s code of professional ethics and  ISACA CPE (continuous professional education) policy.


    Once done, you can finally apply to get certified. You must have passed the CRISC Test within the last five years, have the necessary full-time work experience in the areas covered by the CRISC exam outline, and submit the CRISC Certification Application with the application processing fee to be eligible.

    You must complete the CRISC Test within the last five years, have the necessary full-time work experience in the fields covered by the CRISC exam outline, and submit the CRISC Certification Application together with the required application processing fee to be eligible to become CRISC-certified.


    The CRISC certifies your proficiency in developing a well-defined, agile risk-management program that is based on best practices for identifying, analyzing, evaluating, assessing, prioritizing, and dealing with risks. The CRISC certification is the only one devoted to enterprise IT risk management, making it a unique course to opt for.

    Exam applicant results are scaled using a standard 200–800 score range. Passing requires a scaled score of 450 or higher. The minimum consistent standard of knowledge as determined by ISACA’s certification working groups is represented by the scaled score of 450 or higher, considered a passing score. When all questions are successfully answered, a score of 800 is considered to be flawless. The lowest possible score is 200, indicating that only a small percentage of questions were answered correctly.

    The CRISC exam is available in various languages. These include English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese. ISACA provides training material in most of these languages.

    Yes, you can take each of these tests during the same timeframe, but you cannot retake the same test more than once during that period. For instance, each administration window only permits one attempt at the CRISC exam.

    Since passing the CRISC test is not easy, applicants who want to succeed on their first try must effectively manage their study time and be familiar with all exam parts. You can start off by getting acquainted with ISACA’s Certificate Exams Candidate Guide, which will give you considerable insights into registration, eligibility, etc. The CRISC Exam Planning Guide is also a vital material to look through.


    For a full-fledged guided preparation, with a 98% guarantee of passing, you must enroll in the ZOC CRISC training course. Our expert instructors, hands-on quality training material, and flexible training modalities ensure you are CRISC-ready to your full potential. We guide you through the whole process. Additionally, you can work on making a study plan and joining online forums for updates and discussions.

    The exam retake policy was introduced by ISACA in June 2019 with the introduction of continuous testing exam administration. In a calendar year, candidates can take an exam four times (the initial attempt and three retakes – the 365 rolling calendar dates are from the date of the first exam attempt). One must wait for 30 days after the first attempt and 90 days after the second and third attempts to retake the exam.

    There are 150 questions for the CRISC exam. These are multiple-choice questions, and candidates get a 4-hour duration to answer the questions.

    Candidates must complete their CRISC exam in a time period of 4 hours. You have to answer 150 questions during this time on topics across IT risks, risk management, and risk reporting. ZOC’s training course can help you train to complete the exam on time without missing out on much.

    We do not include an exam voucher for the CRISC course as the exam fee needs to be paid directly to the accredited body – ISACA. You can visit their website for more information on examination fees and the application process.

    CRISC certification salary can be influenced by certain factors like your geographical location and the company level. Salaries also vary depending on government and private organizations. According to ISACA, the average salary of CRISC holders worldwide is USD 151K+.

    ZOC’s CRISC course is a 3-day course covering five domains. The CRISC course is designed for those who have knowledge of risk identification, assessment, and evaluation, as well as risk response and monitoring. You can take the course online or opt for in-person classes, based on your preference.

    Certified Risk & Information Systems Control (CRISC) Certification and Training Course by ZOC is one of India’s best CRISC training courses. With 16000+ happy customers, ZOC’s CRISC certification is a 4.9/5 rated course (by Google). We provide premium test materials, the best educators and flexible training modalities for you to choose from. The best part is ZOC guarantees you a 100% pass rate and money-back offer. Hence you can trust the best for your CRISC training.

    The CRISC certification cost in India includes the cost of training and the compulsory exam fee. The compulsory exam fee must be directly paid to the governing body ISACA. You can contact the ZOC team for the most suitable pricing and offers on CRISC training and training materials.

    According to Payscale, a CRISC certification can help you leverage a salary ranging from INR 2,00,000 – 4,00,000. CRISC career prospects in India include security risk strategist, IT security analyst, information security analyst, IT audit risk supervisor, and technology risk analyst.

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    Get the best cyber security risk management certification in town

    You may be confident that CRISC (Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control) is your best choice for training in cyber security risk management. This implies that when you have such certification, it becomes much easier to make headway in this particular regard. This way, you can also stay a step ahead of real-world threats that the enterprise you work faces occasionally.

    What difference does the certification make to your career?

    When you have the CRISC certification, you will be a certified IT (information technology) risk management expert. This is because, in this case, you would be studying a proactive approach based on the Agile methodology. This way, you would learn how to improve your company’s business resilience, optimize risk management around the enterprise, and deliver value to stakeholders.

    How would it benefit you?

    This particular certification is the fourth best in the world regarding the money you can make based on such certificates. 52% of the students have experienced an improvement in their jobs as well. Our course is also accredited by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association).

    The modules of the certification program

    Our information security analyst course has the following modules – Corporate IT (information technology) Governance, IT Risk Assessment, Risk Response and Reporting, and IT & Security.

    How do I get registered for the exam?

    The CRISC examination of ISACA is computer-based and administered as remotely proctored exams or at authorized PSI. This is a continuous exam which means candidates can register at any time they want to – there are no restrictions in this regard. You can easily schedule a testing appointment as quickly as 48 hours after paying the fees for registering for the exam.

    Become eligible for the exam.

    When you wish to appear for the CRISC exam, you must establish that you are eligible. This is done at the time when you register for the exam, and it is valid for 12 months. However, this is always easier said than done – still, you need not worry about us. So, if you want to learn from one of the finest information security courses online, kindly drop us an email at hello@zoctech.com or call us at +91 8655 026094.