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Certified Information System Auditor (CISA®) course which gives exposure and expertise to the foundation of Audit and Security. .

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CISA® Certification

About CISA Certification Course

CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) Course is an entry to mid-level professional certification. Having a CISA Certification will validate your skills and expertise in a risk-based approach. The knowledge gained during the training will help in planning, executing, and reporting in audit management. CISA Course will provide a valid and reliable means to incorporate privacy by designs, products, platforms, and processes to help an organisation manage cost and work efficiency goals. Thinking of enrolling into CISA Course Training And Certification In India? Connect with us now.

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Prerequisite for CISA Course Training And Certification In India

There are no prerequisites for attending the Certified Information System Auditor (CISA®) program; however, a minimum of 5 years of experience in IS/IT Audit, Control, Security, and Assurance is required to earn the CISA® Certification.

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    CISA Benefit

    CISA Course Curriculum

    Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) - 5 Days (40 Hours)
    • ISACA Information Systems Auditing Standards and Guidelines
    • Fundamental Business Processes
    • Develop and Implement an Information Systems Audit Strategy
    • Plan Audit
    • Conduct an Audit
    • The Evidence Life Cycle
    • Communicate Issues, Risks, and Audit Results
    • Support the Implementation of Risk Management and Control Practices
    • Evaluate the Effectiveness of IT Governance
    • Evaluate the IT Organizational Structure and HR Management
    • Evaluate the IT Strategy and Direction
    • Evaluate IT Policies, Standards, and Procedures
    • Evaluate the Effectiveness of Quality Management Systems
    • Evaluate IT Management and Monitoring of Controls
    • IT Resource Investment, Use, and Allocation Practices
    • Evaluate IT Contracting Strategies and Policies
    • Evaluate Risk Management Practices
    • Performance Monitoring and Assurance Practices
    • Evaluate the organisation’s Business Continuity Plan
    • Evaluate the Business Case for Change
    • Evaluate Project Management Frameworks and Governance Practices
    • Development Life Cycle Management
    • Perform Periodic Project Reviews
    • Evaluate Control Mechanisms for Systems
    • Evaluate Development and Testing Processes
    • Evaluate Implementation Readiness
    • Evaluate a System Migration
    • Perform a Post-Implementation System Review
    • Perform Periodic System Reviews
    • Evaluate Service Level Management Practices
    • Evaluate Third-Party Management Practices
    • Evaluate Operations and End User Management Practices
    • Evaluate the Maintenance Process
    • Evaluate Data Administration Practices
    • Evaluate the Use of Capacity and Performance Monitoring Methods
    • Evaluate Change, Configuration, and Release Management Practices
    • Evaluate Problem and Incident Management Practices
    • Evaluate the Adequacy of Backup and Restore Provisions
    • Information Security Design
    • Encryption Basics
    • Evaluate the Functionality of the IT Infrastructure
    • Evaluate Network Infrastructure Security
    • Evaluate the Design, Implementation, and Monitoring of Logical Access Controls
    • Risks and Controls of Virtualisation
    • Evaluate the Design, Implementation, and Monitoring of Data Classification Process
    • Evaluate the Design, Implementation, and Monitoring of Physical Access Controls
    • Evaluate the Design, Implementation, and Monitoring of Environmental Controls

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    Dedicated and strategised learning methodologies to achieve improved and effective ROI of employees in the organisation.

    IT Security Key Features

    CISA Training with ZOC

    Skills You Learn

    CISA - Course Introduction

    Who Who can join Certified Information System Auditor (CISA®) course ?


    Why Choose ZOC?

    Best AccreditedTrainer
    Best Accredited Trainer

    We provide the best training by an experienced & accredited trainer. Our trainers are highly qualified and have decades of experience in the subject.

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    Free Career

    If the participant is having problems with his/her career or skills or is depressed due to lack of promotion, we offer free career mentoring and point out the right path for him/her.

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    We are a well-known Accredited Training & Certification Organization, offering more than 75 globally recognized professional certifications.

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    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    Ensure your success in the certification exam. You are covered with 100% money back guarantee.®

    100% Pass Rate
    Pass Rate

    Guaranteed Pass in Training Certification. Our trainers discuss real time scenarios so that the participant can learn easily.

    No HiddenCharges
    No Hidden Charges

    Course fee includes training fee, exam fee, certification fee & all taxes. We do not charge any additional/hidden fees.

    Gratifying Reviews From ZOC Learners

    Haftu Hailezgy
    Haftu Hailezgy
    Recently, I had a chance to attend an online course with Zoc Learnings remotely from West Africa, and I was satisfied with the training quality, staff dedication and delivery as promised in general and specifically I respect and appreciate the client orientation skill demonstrated by the sales manager named Ganesh Angane.
    Ankur Srivastava
    Ankur Srivastava
    Zoe technologies is a great place to learn and passing the cloud certifications. I passed my Azure Administrator exam with the help of learning materials/training provided by the company. Pooja is really helpful co-ordinator and she helped a lot in guiding me to the correct training tutors.
    Gaurav Dubey
    Gaurav Dubey
    Good experience with zoc
    Afroz Alam
    Afroz Alam
    Very educative and totally worth it. I'm happy and i feel fulfilled being able to complete this course successfully. The tutor took his time to explain each concept and the videos were short and straight to the point. Assignments and class works were challenging, which helps in understanding what is being taught. Thank you
    Zoc Learnings is very professional and great Training institute. The trainers come with many years of experience and in-depth knowledge. They helped me to prepare well for information security as well project management related certifications. Highly recommend for people aspiring on International certifications…Thank you for the great support.
    Amit Kamate
    Amit Kamate
    Through Professional approach of the Institute. They are very supportive and training were to the mark . Ganesh was specifically looking after my training program and was always available for any assistance. I cleared my PMP exams and thanks to Ganesh and Kavita and those who all guided me . Definitely I recommend this institute
    Md Rahman
    Md Rahman
    Pooja is so active person. She is so responsible to finish his job
    Heston D'Silva
    Heston D'Silva
    Great services and training as always. Thanks to Pooja for her support and professionalism. Highly recommend.

    CISA Training FAQs

    The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) course is a globally recognized certification course designed for professional development in monitoring, auditing, controlling, and managing organizational IT business. The CISM curriculum from ZOC helps candidates to validate their skills and expertise and gain knowledge in reporting compliance issues, incorporating confidentiality, evaluating vulnerabilities, and managing cost and efficiency goals. It is estimated that professionals who hold the CISA course certification receive an increase of about 22% in salary.

     ZOC’s CISA course requires 5 days with 8 hours of instruction. Our most experienced and highly qualified real-time instructors cover the online live classes throughout the course. We provide comprehensive hands-on classroom training at par with international standards. Through our corporate training, we help achieve better and more effective ROI for the employees in the organization.

    A candidate should have at least 5 years of experience in professional information systems audit, control, or security work. Alternatively, you may also be eligible if you have a maximum of 1-year information systems experience or 1-year non-IS auditing experience, a 2-to-4-year degree, and a master’s degree in IS or IT from a recognized university. 

    To give the exam, several standard identification requirements are acceptable, namely:

    • Driver’s license
    • State identity card (non-driver’s license)
    • Passport
    • Passport card
    • Military ID
    • Green card
    • Alien registration
    • Permanent resident card
    • National identification card

    The cost of the CISA course covers the cost of training and the mandatory examination fee. The examination fee has to be paid directly to the Governing Body, ISACA. For the best offers and prices on CISA training modules and training materials, please contact the ZOC team. 

    CISA, the Certified Information Systems Auditor exam, is one of the toughest exams in the IT security field. This exam is a 4-hour test and is divided into 5 sections. Considering the career opportunities offered by this course, it is extremely important to score well in the examination. Preparation seems easy with the professionals at Zoc Learnings, who leave no stone unturned to help you through the entire syllabus. 

    Candidate needs to have passed the CISA exam within the last 5 years. The candidate must meet the relevant work experience required for the exam and submit the CISA Certification Application with the application processing fee. The candidate should keep in mind that they are following the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics. In addition, you must commit to meeting the CISA policy on Continuing Professional Education and complying with Information Systems Auditing standards.

    The CISA certification helps advance the career graph towards growth in the information systems auditor field. Therefore, this exam certificate plays a vital role in your career success. The exam format consists of Multiple Choice and Computerized Adaptive Testing consisting of 150 questions. To pass this exam, the candidate has to score 400 out of 800 marks. The industry experts and working professionals at ZOC technologies help you come through the exam with flying colours.  

    The CISA certification course opens an ocean of opportunities in the market. CISA certificate holders can pursue a career as an IT Audit Manager, Internal Audit Manager, IT Auditor, Risk Analyst, Senior Information Security Auditor, Date Security Officer, Compliance Analyst, Security Control Assessor and Cyber ​​Security Manager. Similarly, there is a demand for several positions related to information systems auditing, as well as a need for experts to fulfill them. 

    Yes, by calling Pearson 48 hours before to the exam session, the exam can be rescheduled.

    The syllabus of the CISA course is divided into five modules. Module 1 focuses on the Information Systems Audit Process; module 2 covers the role of CISA in IT Governance and Management; modules 3 and 4 cover Information Systems Acquisition, Development, Implementation, and IS Operations Maintenance & Support, respectively. Module 5 is designed for the CISA’s role in the Protection of Information Assets.

     The CISA certification course designed by ZOC technologies is accredited by ISACA and provides ISACA-authorized study material. We also provide our aspirants access to resources like case studies, exercises, eBooks, and mock tests, which provide ample material to better understand the exam’s intricacies. Our professional and accredited trainers have decades of experience which they invest in the training sessions conducted by them. We also provide free career counselling, which helps the candidate to choose the right career path. We provide the best guidance and ensure our candidates qualify for the exam. Therefore, we have a 100% passing rate in training certification.

     The IT sector is growing and so is the demand for IT professionals. CISA certification is a globally recognized course that enhances your skills, broadens your knowledge, and upscales your qualifications. At ZOC, we offer a globally recognized Certificate of Participation from the governing body ISACA after successful completion of the CISA course which enables candidates to be at the forefront of this business world. Please note that this certification is valid for three years only, after which you are required to renew it. 

    The annual maintenance fee is $45 for ISACA members and $85 for non-members. When a candidate receives more than two ISACA certifications, the renewal cost is reduced to $25 and $50 for the third, fourth, fifth, etc. certifications for members and non-members, respectively. If you have any queries related to the course, you can reach out to the ZOC team which has solutions for all your problems.

    Job opportunities with CISA certification have seen exponential growth in business. CISA is a well-established, globally recognized course that helps you establish a professional identity in the niche market. It also makes you stand out among other colleagues and increases your credibility in the organization. It sets the bar high in terms of professional standards as well as the percentage of increment. With this course at ZOC, candidates excel as the course validates their experience and on-the-field knowledge. Our professionals display strategic skills that help you crack the exam. The CISA certification is an IT professional’s chance to upscale and bolster their income.

    CISA has gained worldwide recognition for the realm of opportunities it has opened. And it is in huge demand not only in India but also abroad. Every business requires qualified IT professionals so that their systems work efficiently, and candidates can leverage this opportunity to increase their earning potential. Hence, the CISA certification course with ZOC is surely a stepping stone toward a lucrative and demanding career. 

    Candidates with CISA certification can expand the horizon of opportunities not only in India but also abroad, which means candidates can get global recognition. This course provides applicability in various fields such as auditing, controlling, evaluation, monitoring, and financial institutions. Through CISA credentials, applicants can receive a minimum of a 22% salary increase. To avail this course, you can enroll in ZOC’s CISA course. For more information, please contact the ZOC team. 

    CISA certification requires registration, preparation, and exams. Those interested in the course must fit the eligibility criteria. The CISA exam is a 4-hour test with no negative marking. Candidates need to score 400 marks out of 800 to pass the exam. The total number of questions is 150 consisting of Multiple Choice and Computerized Adaptive Testing. For the best preparation for the exam, you can enroll in ZOC’s CISA training program and avail the benefits of this course.

    Candidates can opt for the exam four times (1 initial attempt and 3 retakes). Candidates should attempt these three retakes in the next 365 days from the date of the first attempt. In the second attempt, if the candidates are not able to qualify for the exam, they can opt for the first retake only after 30 days from the day of the first attempt. In attempts 3 and 4, (retake 2 and 3), candidates will have to wait for 90 days after their respective attempts. 

    Yes. We provide mock/practice tests as a part of the CISA syllabus, which helps candidates learn and overcome mistakes, understand exam patterns, and prepare strategies for the actual examination.  A mock/practice test is a surefire way to ace the exam. 

    The CISA exam can be intimidating, but preparation becomes easy with ZOC. Throughout the course, ZOC provides ISACA-authorized study materials. Other study resources include case studies, exercises, mock tests, and eBooks which you can access for up to a year. Our coaches are available to clear doubts and also provide free career counseling. 

    ZOC has a team of experts to clear all your doubts, both on and off-site. Our experts always ensure that no doubt remains unanswered and creates confusion. You can contact us anytime for queries related to the syllabus and our training structure.

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    Get CISA certification at the most cost-effective prices

    Nowadays, it pays to be a CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) when everyone is focusing on becoming an auditor, and the best place to do that is at ZOC Learnings. Our CISA certification fee is one of the leading causes of this. We help you prove your experience in this domain and become one of the most qualified professionals in the IT (information technology) industry.

    How does CISA make a difference?

    CISA certification is renowned worldwide as a standard of achievement for professionals who are supposed to audit, monitor, control, and assess an organization’s business and IT systems. Are you a mid-career professional? In that case, CISA certification can help you showcase your expertise in this domain and assert how capable you can apply risk-based approaches to planning, reporting, and executing audit engagements. We assure you that we are your best bet for a CISA course.

    How does the CISA certification benefit you?

    70% of the students who have taken the CISA certification program have experienced a certain level of improvement in their professional careers. 22% of them have also seen an increase in wages! It also helps that our course has received ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) accreditation, which guarantees excellent education in this context.

    What will you learn in the course?

    Following are the modules of the course:
    • Information Systems Auditing Process
    • Governance and Management of IT (information technology)
    • Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation
    • Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience
    • Protection of Information Assets
    We are pretty sure that we have the best CISA certification cost in India – we do this because we care about you.

    Build a great team

    When you have any certification by ISACA, it is like an instant declaration that your team is an expert at building, managing, and implementing solutions that align with an organization’s goals and needs.

    Get ready for the examination.

    ISACA offers a diverse array of preparation materials to help you prepare for the CISA exam. However, you would also need proper guidance in these cases and the best CISA exam fee to ease any financial worries you may have. If you also want to benefit from these, feel free to email us at or call us at +91 8655 026094.