Agile Vs Scrum: Difference Between The Two Project Management Methodologies


Every company or organization looks for input that can maximize the deliverables. It helps to maintain the quality and cost of the service. Therefore, choosing a good Project Manager to lead a project is as important as choosing the right methodology to lead it. So, talking about the project management methodologies, let’s discuss the difference between Agile Vs Scrum methods. Indeed, these methodologies give an incremental development to the product.

In fact, Agile Scrum methodologies are sprint-based project management systems. So, they work on the common goal of providing the highest value to the stakeholders. However, sprint in the agile methodology means the time slots. These slots are taken by the team to complete the specific tasks, deliverables, and milestones. Further, the sprints are also known as ‘iterations’. This means breaking the project delivery schedule into digestible time slots that can count the effective work done during the time.

Now, before moving forward and discussing Agile and Scrum in detail, let’s first know about these methodologies individually.

What Is Agile Methodology

Agile is the process that continuously tests and develops in the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). So, this methodology promotes concurrent testing and developing products. Also, it plays a major role in promoting face-to-face communication. Also, during this process, the stakeholders, businesses, and developers work in coordination to develop the product.

Principles Of Agile

Agile Vs Scrum
  • The primary focus of this methodology is to provide early, continuous, and valuable delivery.
  • The agile process harnesses change as per the rising competitive demand.
  • Support, trust and motivate the people involved in the team to work better..
  • At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to be more effective and adjust behaviors accordingly.
  • Customer communication over contract negotiation.
  • Pays attention to the technical details to enhance the agility

What Is Scrum Methodology?

Scrum is the process that continuously tests and develops in the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). So, this methodology promotes concurrent testing and developing products. It also plays a major role in promoting face-to-face communication. During this process, the stakeholders, businesses, and developers work in coordination. This helps in developing the product.

  • Product backlogs
  • Sprint backlogs, and
  • Sprint goals
Agile Vs Scrum

Principles Of Scrum

The core principles of Scrum are:

  • Commitment
  • Courage
  • Focus
  • Respect
  • Openness
CategoryAgile MethodologyScrum Methodology
ProcessAgile is a continuous process of development and testing.Scrum is an Agile process to deliver outcomes in the shortest time.
DeliveryThe Agile methodology delivers software on regular basis for feedback.In Scrum methodology, the deliveries of software are done after each sprint/ iteration.
SkillLeadership plays a major role.Scrum fosters self-organizing and cross-functional teams.
CommunicationInvolves collaboration and face-to-face communications.Involves daily stand-up meetings.
Work TypeIn Agile, the design and execution are kept extremely simple.In Scrum, the design and execution are kept innovative and experimental.

Agile Vs Scrum: Difference

On the superficial side, you might feel that the two methodologies are quite similar. But, to throw some light on what is the difference between agile and Scrum, the points below will be helpful.

  • Agile is a type of philosophy, whereas Scrum is a type of agile methodology.
  • In the Agile process, the delivery is done at the end of the project. Whereas, in the Scrum methodology, the project progresses using sprints
  • Agile involves people from the cross-functional team, whereas, in Scrum, the project team involves people in different roles, such as a scrum master and a product owner.

Hence, the conclusion of the differentiation between agile and scrum methodology can be very clearly stated. We can say that Scrum is an Agile approach, whereas Agile does not always mean Scrum. Moreover, Agile is a core methodology in project management. Whereas, Scrum is a specific part of the agile methodology which people have been using to facilitate different projects.

Agile Vs Scrum: Which Methodology Should You Choose

Agile Vs Scrum

The agile process has many other methodologies used for completing various projects. But, to complete a project, one needs to analyze things and then choose the apt methodology. Truly this is a great technique that will give the best results. However, if you think that agile methodology is the right approach for you to complete the project you still need to find which method in agile would be apt. On the contrary, Scrum methodology can be apt for projects which do not have fixed and will undergo changes.

Hence, the challenging part is not to choose the right methodology for a project but to implement and execute it perfectly. So, it requires having ultimate project management skills and knowledge. Also, experience with agile scrum master certification will prove to be a great asset to the company.

Agile Vs Scrum: Where Should You Do The Certification From?

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