Agile Scrum Master Certification Course

Course Overview

Do not stop at Scrum. Up-skill and upgrade your career path with the Agile Scrum Master Certification from EXIN, the top accrediting body for courses in Scrum methodology in the world. A Scrum Master is not only an expert of Scrum methodologies, but also a team leader who encourages communication, gives direction and forestalls distractions from affecting a team’s success. An Agile Scrum Master, on the other hand, has the best of both agile and Scrum capabilities. An Agile Scrum Master weaves together Scrum methodologies and agile methodologies of project management to pave the way for a team’s success. In today’s world, agile and Scrum are gaining more and more popularity. Not just IT firms, but the financial sector, manufacturing sector and governmental bodies are striving to provide high quality services to their stakeholders by adapting to and joining the agile & Scrum movement. With an ASM certificate paired with good work experience on your CV, you can bring a rewarding career growth within your grasp.

Course duration

  • 3 days of classroom based lectures with e-Learning facility.
  • Course includes simulations, games, practical assignments and exam preparation.

Who should attend?

The CSM course is perfect for Project / Product Managers, Leaders and members of Scrum teams, Product Owners, Software Developers and professionals, teams and organizations desiring to transition to Scrum.

Course path

The course includes an in-depth study of:

  • An overview of agile:
  • Estimating,
  • Planning,
  • Monitoring,
  • Control,
  • Communication,
  • Risk Management.
  • Scrum:
  • Scrum Events and Artifacts,
  • Scrum Roles,
  • Scrum Metrics,
  • Planning and Estimation.

Pre-requisites for the course and eligibility for exam

There are no eligibility requirements for taking the ASM course. A candidate need only attend the mandatory training to sit the exam and get certified.


The Agile Scrum Master exam and certification is designed and provided by EXIN, an IT accreditation body based in the Netherlands.

Exam format

  • In India, EXIN conducts an online proctored exam through its EXIN Anywhere service, giving you the liberty to choose a time and place of your convenience to sit the exam.
  • The exam duration is 1 and a half hours (90 minutes).
  • There shall be 40 multiple choice questions out of which 26 questions must be answered correctly in order to pass. The passing percentage is 65%.
  • The result is declared immediately after completion of the exam. The final result is declared within 2 weeks of the exam.
  • Digital certificates can be downloaded from the Candidate Portal on EXIN website immediately after results are declared. Digital certificates are original and official documents.


Q. How do I log into my Candidate Portal?
A. You will receive login details of your Candidate Portal immediately after you take the exam. From the Candidate Portal, you may download your Digital Certificate and book exams.

Q. Will I not receive a hard copy of my certificate?
A. Digital certificates are original authentic certificates and EXIN normally does not issue hard copies of the certificates. You are required to specially order a hard copy of your certificate which will then be sent after declaration of final results. The delivery usually takes about 6 weeks for candidates located in India.

Q. For how long is the certification valid?
A. The certification is valid for lifetime.

Q. How will my employer know that my certification is authentic?
A. Should your employer need to verify the authenticity of your certification, it may do so by using the Certificate Authentication tool on the EXIN website.

Q. Can I prepare for and sit the exam by self-study without attending the course?
A. No. Although self-study is required in addition to the official training, training from a Registered Education Provider (REP) is mandatory to sit the exam.

Q. Is the course fee inclusive of exam fee and cost of study material?
A. Yes, the course fee is inclusive of the exam fee of INR 17,615/- and the cost of study material and training kit.

Q. Is the study material enough for my exam preparation?
A. We provide exhaustive study material and a thorough training to prepare you for the exam. However, you may find it useful to check out EXIN’s Preparation Guide and Exam Literature under the “Downloads” tab on the link below:

Q. How do I book an exam?
A. You may book the exam on the EXIN website by filling out the application form under the “Get Certified” tab and making payment.

Q. What is an exam voucher and how do I use it?
A. EXIN exam vouchers are ideally provided to you by your training institute, which in turn has to be an EXIN Partner. The EXIN exam voucher can be redeemed at the time of making payment for the exam on EXIN website by entering the voucher code.
EXIN exam vouchers are issued for a specified module and can be used for booking an exam of that particular module only. It is valid for one year and only for the country mentioned on that voucher.
For more details on how to use the voucher, you may refer to the Candidate Voucher Guide on the link below:

Q. What will happen if my exam voucher validity period expires?
A. In that case, you shall have to buy it again for the same price.

Q. Can I retake the exam if I fail?
A. You are allowed to retake the exam on the same day. However, it is advisable that you take time to prepare again for the second attempt.

Q. Can I take a review of my result?
A. Yes, you may review you results by comparing your answers with the correct answers. This service is chargeable by EXIN.

Q. What if I disagree with my results?
A. You may file an appeal document with EXIN’s Board of Appeal. The Board will take a decision on your appeal and their judgment shall be final. This service is chargeable by EXIN.