A Quick Guide To What Is ITIL Certification

A Quick Guide To What Is ITIL Certification

A Quick Guide To What Is ITIL Certification

A quick guide to ITIL Certification - ITIL Certification

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Certification is one of the widely used frameworks for IT service management. Now, the basic role of ITIL is to align IT services and business requirements. It is the system that outlines best practices for all areas of end-to-end service management. ITIL Certification can add value to your resume. So, for those looking for mediums to increase their package, a certification can make a huge difference on your profile. The ITIL foundation certification helps professionals to gain insights into the IT industry. The curriculum of the course helps in identifying, planning, and delivering IT services for the core business functionalities of an organization.

What Is ITIL Certification For?

The certification helps in giving insights about the procedures, tasks, deep knowledge about IT services, and checklists that are not restricted to a single organization only. ITIL foundation certification is not only limited to IT services but also provides knowledge about the services management industry. However, it also helps professionals to work in healthcare industries as well as higher education.

Nowadays, even startup companies have started adopting ITIL (the information technology infrastructure library) certification to run their business in a better way. Another great benefit of this certification is that it helps in providing better delivery services for third-party services.

Benefits of ITIL Certification in your Career

The ITIL certification benefits businesses in understanding the functionalities of the IT department of the organization. Also, the certifications provide huge benefits to mid-level and senior-level professionals. Since the junior-level employees spend most of their working hours on their basic role of the job profile, their productivity will also be improved after getting the certification. It will help them understand the overall working of the department in a short period.

Several professionals are likely to get major benefits from the ITIL certification. Above all, it includes:

  • Professionals who have experience in the business sector are looking to join an IT company.
  • IT consultants who are working at the mid-level- and senior levels.
  • IT professionals who are working at the mid-level and senior levels.

According to the statistics, it has been observed that the professionals having ITIL certification get more salary than others. It benefits employees in getting high-profile jobs.

Levels of ITIL Certifications And How They Benefit Your Career?

Each level of the ITIL certification helps the professional in gaining expertise in the IT service management sector. Have a look at how each tier of the certification helps in enhancing the career of professionals:

Levels Of ITIL Certification
ITIL Foundation Course
  • ITIL Foundation certification helps professionals in gaining knowledge about the IT sector and the new terminologies. As a result candidates will gain basic knowledge of how ITIL is implemented in the organization. The candidate must pass the additional module of the course to get the certification. Also, its additional module is the ITIL management across the lifecycle qualification.
ITIL Practitioner
  • The ITIL Practitioner certification is centered on hands-on experience with ITIL processes and how certain concepts are applied in practice. However, an ITIL Practitioner explains how to use the ITIL system to support company goals, with an emphasis on organizational change management, communications, and evaluation and metrics.
ITIL Intermediate
  • The ITIL Intermediate certification is modular, with each module focusing on various aspects of IT service management. So, the important modules are classified as either Service Life cycle or Service Capability.
ITIL Expert
  • The ITIL course framework helps candidates in providing advanced knowledge in the field of the IT sector.
  • The candidates have the option to choose the module in the framework. Above all, to gain expertise in one or more fields of the IT sector.
  • The candidate must understand the curriculum of the ITIL certification. Which will help them to decide which area they want to specialize in.
ITIL Master
  • ITIL master course is for the professionals who work in the planning, management, and operation of IT service management.

Eligibility for ITIL Certification

The ITIL certification is the right choice for professionals working at various levels.

  • Those who are familiar with ITIL may obtain the certification. It can be used for service-related activities in an organization’s management model.
  • This also involves IT professionals who want to see meaningful improvements that can help a company thrive and increase competitiveness in the industry.
  • Service-support engineers, Directors, IT managers, Database administrators, Quality Analysts, IT service managers and executives, business process owners, IT-technical support engineers, and experts, Operations managers, and others may use this.

Therefore, the certification program is best for both fresher and experienced employees. Especially for those working in the IT service management sector.

How ITIL Helps Professionals Advance Their Career

ITIL certification is one of the most preferred certifications by companies worldwide. The framework of the course helps in infusing the technical aspects of the IT sector. It also helps the professionals to understand the working environment better. Nowadays, most companies prefer candidates that have ITIL certification. Moreover, the certification helps in increasing the productivity and performance of the employees. However, in the IT sector, it has been considered the most sought-after course.

Professionals who are working in IT service management, project management, service operations, and also service transitions get benefits from these certifications. Therefore, the professionals working at both mid-level and senior-level can enhance their knowledge in the field of IT service management. Here are the benefits that the professionals are more likely to get by the certification course:

A Better Understanding of the IT Sector

  • The framework of the ITIL foundation certification course helps the professionals in understanding the business. This is through identifying processes, prioritizing, and handling services to improve the business requirements. Moreover, professionals will have deep knowledge about the industry.


  • The IT service management (ITSM) companies have a common terminology to eliminate miscommunication during the working. IT sector has developed its terminology that helps them keep coordinated throughout the working process. Thus, the ITIL certification helps the professionals to learn these terminologies better.

Building an Efficient Team

  • As the ITIL certification helps in making professionals ready for the upcoming issues and challenges in the IT sector, it helps in building a professional team. Therefore, the professionals will have solution-driven learning that will help the companies to choose the best out of them.

Better Customer Satisfaction

  • The certification helps in training employees to work in a way that will provide better service before the deadlines by improving customer satisfaction.

Beneficial for Non-IT Sector

  • ITIL certification is beneficial for professionals who interested in the non-IT sector. As a result, it includes facilities, HR, customer/service/support, training and financial services, etc.

Best for New Technology

  • The ITIL certification prepares the workforce to work in a dynamic environment. It helps them learn about new and futuristic trends such as the SMAC technology stack. This way, professionals will feel more confident whenever a new trend comes in the field. However, they can always find the right solutions for the new trends.

Suitable for Project Management

  • ITIL certification is the right choice for professionals who are working in the project management sector. Moreover, the ITIL certification with the project management methodologies together will help the individual to gain more creative solutions for the business.


As the IT sector is very dynamic, professionals need to be very well aware of the new and upcoming trends to cope up with the changes. ITIL certification helps professionals in understanding the IT sector in a way that will help them increase customer satisfaction and productivity. Therefore, the professionals looking to gain expertise in a specific sector will have an option to fulfill their dream. So, start your ITIL certification course today with Zoc Learnings and expand your knowledge in the field by learning the new trends of the industry.

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