What Is PRINCE2 Certification? Complete Information

What Is PRINCE2 Certification? Complete Information

What Is PRINCE2 Certification? Complete Information

Are you a project manager with no certification and specialization? In addition, are you looking for a project management course to enhance your knowledge and boost your career? Then, PRINCE2 certification is the ideal project management course for you. But, before choosing it, let’s know everything about the PRINCE2 course.

In this blog, we will discuss the approach, cost, major processes, best institute for PRINCE2 training and certification, and many more.

What Is PRINCE2 Certification?

PRINCE2 is a process-based approach for effective project management. PRINCE2 stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environment. Moreover, it is a recognized method of project management used all over the world. So, if you are aspiring to become a project manager you should enroll yourself in the PRINCE2 course. It is an exemplary certification course accredited by AXELOS and PEOPLECERT based on PRINCE2 latest 6th edition.

What Is The Approach Of PRINCE2 Methodology?

There are various methods and approaches in project management. In PRINCE2 training, the project is split into manageable and controlled stages. It ensures that managers can deliver a project responsibility in a given time under a given budget. This helps in reviewing the progress of the projects and effective planning of the strategies.

Key Processes Of PRINCE2:

Every methodology has some processes along which the work approaches. So, right from the beginning of the project till the end, the processes involved are as follows:

1. Starting Of A Project:

A client comes with a project mandate which consists of the project agenda. So, the brief mandate mentions the necessity of the project and other details. Then, a responsible person will look forward to whether the company is capable of completing the project. If approved the person who initiated the project will submit details on manpower, budget, actions, and resources.

2. Directing:

Then the project board further decides the strategies to execute the project for timely project completion. The project goes on board for reviews and approval/disapproval of the project. The project board decides how the project manager handles it.

3. Initiating:

During the initiating process of the project, a project initiation documentation is prepared. It is a comprehensive plan based on 6 targets including time, cost, risk, quality, scope, and benefits.

4. Controlling:

The role of a project manager is to break the project into work packages. Then the team managers work on contemplating these packages to see the work progress.

5. Managing Product Delivery:

The project manager checks whether the project is meeting the given expectations. Then, the further decisions of approval or revisions in the projects are done. At each step, the project board decides whether the project is heading in the right direction or not.

6. Closure:

Once the project is successfully done, the project manager seals all the loose threads including the reporting, outcomes, and remaining documentation.

What Are The Levels Of PRINCE2 Certification?

The various project management methodologies help in minimizing the risks involved. Also, the user-friendly approaches make it easier for versatile applications. PRINCE2 facilitates various certifications.

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Agile Foundation and
  • Agile Practitioner
Levels Of PRINCE2 Certification

The various levels of the PRINCE2 certification course help in resolving projects issues with ease. The Foundation is the basic level of the course whereas the Practitioner is a level up course for project management. Also, these approaches split the project into packages to monitor the project development. However, the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner courses combine the project management course with a different methodology called Agile.

Who Should Choose PRINCE2 Certification?

Before choosing a certification you should know whether it is good for you or not. Also, how will you benefit from it in your career? If you are a project manager who is looking for a certification in the field then PRINCE2 certification is for you. But, if you are now looking forward to making a remarkable career as a project manager then also you can choose PRINCE2.

Moreover, people who are into designing, development, and project delivery also can plan to take the PRINCE2 exam.

PRINCE2 Exam Pattern

If you are planning to give the PRINCE2 exam then here is the brief about its exam pattern:

  • Exam Time: 1 Hour
  • Exam Pattern: Multiple Choice Questions
  • Number Of Questions: 60
  • Passing Percentage: You need to score atleast 55% i.e., atleast 33 questions correctly out of 60
  • Negative Marking: No

PRINCE2 Certification Cost

PRINCE2 certification is accredited by AXELOS and PEOPLECERT. There is no governing body to train you for the certification course. However, you can choose an authorized and experienced training partner like Zoc Learnings. The cost of the certification may vary as different training partners have varying costs of certification.

What Are The Jobs After Doing PRINCE2 Certification?

Once you complete the PRINCE2 certification, there are many job roles you can explore. The most common question that people ask is can PRINCE2 training courses enhance their job prospects? The answer is yes. It is a high demand certification course that will help you become:

  • Senior Manager in IT
  • PRINCE2 Consultant
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Project Delivery Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Project Management Analyst
  • Service Improvement Manager
  • Innovation Delivery Manager
  • Project Manager, Software Development
  • Implementation Project Manager

Not only will your chances to fetch a job will increase but also your salary will hike. Certifications are a great way to boost your career. So, if you want to upgrade your career then choose the PRINCE2 course and take your career a level ahead.

Jobs after PRINCE2 Certification

Where To Get PRINCE2 Certification?

So, now you have satisfactory answers to everything related to what is PRINCE2 certification. If you are looking for the best IT certification and training institute then choose Zoc Learnings. Experience highly sophisticated learning with highly experienced trainers. Also, advance your knowledge with self-paced learnings and modules. Most importantly, learn problem-solving skills based on real-time scenarios. So, don’t wait! Make your career bright.

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