What Next After PMP Certification?

What Next After PMP Certification?

What Next After PMP Certification?

Next Step After PMP Certification

Project managers have proved their worth in an organization over time. Their presence helps in improving the efficiency of the team. Also, they add more value to the company’s growth and expansion by adding their experience to it. But, the path to success is not that easy. A project manager’s value increases after PMP Certification. If you are PMP certified you must be knowing its value. But, there’s more you can add to your resume once you are a PMP certified professional. So, what next after PMP certification?

Many professionals who have this certification look for after PMP what next courses they can choose to enhance their knowledge. Being a PMP certified is a great career-boosting course. You can experience a hike in your salary, a boost in your growth, and abundant knowledge. If you haven’t attempted the PMP exam you can do it now!

What Are The Benefits Of PMP Certification?

Knowing how certification will benefit fetching new jobs and its scope is very important. PMP is a course that will improve your project management skills. Some of the best benefits of PMP certification are:

1. It Adds Weightage To Your Resume

A plain resume is not very pleasing for recruiters. But, if you are looking for a job in project management, having a PMP certification will improve your chances of getting selected. It enhances the weightage of your resume and makes you the best of the crowd.

2. Boosts Salary

If you perfectly fit in the job role of a project manager then your salary will increase automatically. So, PMP certification will increase a salary to a great extent.

3. Impart Knowledge

Doing a certification course will add more knowledge and skills. You can learn new techniques and tools helpful for the efficiency of the work.

Not just this, it will add to your experience. During the PMP certification, you will have experience of real-time struggles. This will improve your practical knowledge and understanding.

Now, if you are already PMP certified professional and struggling with the constant question of what is next after PMP? In this blog, we will guide you on what you should do first after PMP certification and what should be your future goals.

4. Update Your Resume

The first thing which you should do after achieving any milestone in your career is to update it in your resume. As you all know the resume is the virtual representation of your achievement and academic excellence. You can proudly add the things you have achieved over time. Also, this will give the recruiter an overview of your skills and experience.

5. PDUs

Completing the PMP certification does not give you the validity to utilize it for a lifetime. Therefore, PDUs play an important role in maintaining your certificate. Moreover, completion of PDUs (Professional Development Units) is required for every PMP-certified professional. So, you are expected to have at least 60 PDUs every three years. You can gain these PDUs through managing projects, attending seminars, webinars, etc.

Best Certifications After PMP

  1. Agile Certified Practiotioner (PMI-ACP)
    If you work on agile teams or if you focus more on agile practices then having a certification would be great. The PMI- ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) is great to enhance your knowledge of the agile approach. Also, PMI-ACP is the fastest growing and highly demanded certification course for agilists.
    The PMI- ACP examination has 120 multiple-choice questions. You get three hours to complete the examination. However, in order to maintain the certification, you need to earn 30 PDUs every three years.
Pre- Requisites
  • Secondary degree
  • 21 contact hours of training in the agile practices
  • Agile poject experience of 8 months within the last 3 years
2. Profesional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA)

A certification that can validate your project management skills along with your technical expertise is PMI- PBA certification. The certification helps in improving the efficiency of using business analysis tools. Project managers who have done certifications in business analysis can skillfully identify the risks and opportunities in a business. Also, they can make strategies for a sustainable business.

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