Important Management Products to Initiate the Project

Introduction With reference to earlier blog describing Management Products and Specialized Products or Specialist Products, this blog describes some important management products which are required or mandatory to be created to initiate project by raising required funding or sponsorship to execute the project.  Important Management Products to initiate Project  This document or Management Product describes […]

Various Types of Products Creation During Project Execution

Introduction During the execution of the Project, from Project Management stand-point, two kinds of products gets created or required to be created. As per PRINCE2, What is known as Management Products and Specialized Product or Specialist Products.  Management Products-They are documents produced to manage a project. For example, a business case or project brief or […]

What is RACI Matrix

Introduction RACI Matrix is very important project management tool used in assigning various tasks to different roles in completing tasks or deliverables for a project or business process. It is especially useful in clarifying roles and responsibilities in cross-functional/departmental projects and processes. RACI is an acronym derived from the four key responsibilities – Responsible, Accountable, […]

What is PMO & Related Activities?

Introduction Many IT Professionals consider PMO (Project Management Office) & Project Management or Project Manager’s roles and responsibilities as the same or use the terms as if they are the same. However, in reality, and from an implementation standpoint, they are different. Each one of them has a role to play in the Enterprise Governance structure.  The […]

Importance of Business Case in Project Management

A Business case is Management Product [As per PRINCE2] that provides justification for undertaking a project, programme, or portfolio. The business caseprovides information on ‘Why’ are we undertaking this specific project,programme, or portfolio indicating or describing the ‘Purpose’ of undertaking itand describing ‘How’ we shall be achieving the purpose outlined. The ‘How’ partindicates various options and […]

Elements Of User Story

Table Of Content Hierarchy of User Story Structure of User Story Examples of User Story Elements of User Story Summary Hierarchy of User Story As we all know that, user story plays pivotal role in delivering users requirements and thus meeting Sprint’s goal.  Before looking into the elements of user story, let us look at […]

Different Breakdown Structures 

Table Of Content Introduction       Please refer to my earlier blog on – Some of the types of Breakdown Structures in use today include- Let us look at each of the elements of the Planning phase:       What is Product Breakdown Structure (PBS)       What is Work Breakdown Structure […]

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Pursuing Your PMP Certification

When you’re appearing for PMP, the best project management certification exam, it is only understandable to be nervous. You want to look into the top project management certification courses, prepare as thoroughly as possible and give your best shot! One of the proven methods to prepare for an exhaustive course like PMP is to outline […]

Cost Management Plan

Introduction The Project manager creates the project management plan basis inputs from the project team and the key stakeholders.A Project management plan is a formal, approved document that defines how the project will be executed, monitored, and controlled. [IPECC] The Project Management Plan or Project Plan as referred to comprise of Baselines and subsidiary plans […]