Various Types of Products Creation During Project Execution

Various Types of Products Creation During Project Execution

Various Types of Products Creation During Project Execution


During the execution of the Project, from Project Management stand-point, two kinds of products gets created or required to be created. As per PRINCE2, What is known as Management Products and Specialized Product or Specialist Products. 

Management Products-They are documents produced to manage a project. For example, a business case or project brief or Project initiation document (PID), Issue Log etc.  

Management products are a set of information best referred to as documents. They comprise registers, phone calls, videos, daily logs, project plans, briefs, webinars and presentations.

Management Products are incorporated in the processes that produce specialist products and enable the various roles that make up a project management team to communicate, document and implement the project.

Specialist Products-Specialists make these products in projects. Specialist products can be a required functional specification and their examples include database models, web design and software modules. 

A Specialist product is “a product whose development is the subject of the plan. The specialist products are specific to an individual project (for example, an advertising campaign, a car park ticketing system, foundations for a building, a new business process etc). A specialist product can also be known as a deliverable or output.

Specialized Products are tangible or intangible inputs and outputs, created and tested in advance. Products can also be deliverables or anything a project manager makes while a project is ongoing, including a requirement document. 

Various Management Products Creation during PMLC 

PRINCE2 Management Products


Some examples of Management Products (As per PRINCE2®)

Baselines  Logs or Records or Reports 
Benefits Management Approach
Communication Management
Change Control Approach
Quality Management Approach
Business Case
Project Plan
Product Description
Project Brief
Project Initiation Documentation
Project Product Description
Risk Management Approach
Work Package
Daily Log
Issue Register
Lessons Log
Quality Register
Risk Register
Checkpoint Report
End Project Report
End Stage Report
Exception Report
Highlight Repor
tIssue Report
Lessons Report


Following the Principle of “Tailor to Suit the Project Environment” or “Business Environment” – The above classified Management Products, can be altered and many be combined as per the need or requirement.  

Information that is separated into different management products for one project can be merged together or deliberately missed in another.

Example – You can merge multiple Management Products into a single entity (e.g., Issue Register and Risk Register), or split one into multiple entities (e.g., Change Control Approach).


PRINCE2® CERITICATION course & examination covers in detail every aspect of process which enables or triggers creation of Management of Product and outlines importance of its creation and its relation to other Processes and Products including Specialized Products. 

ZOC Learnings being accredited training institute or authorized provider for PRINCE2®, can assist you in certification process.


Every Project either following PRINCE2 or PMP from PMI-USA, must create Management Products thus facilitating Specialist Products creation and its maintenance. Management Products can be tailored to suit Business environment. 



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