Business View point of SAFe

Introduction This blog covers business view point of SAFe.(Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®). SAFe being enterprise level scrum frame work implementation, one of the distinguishing aspect is Business interaction and business view point of it. Reference URL – Business view Point Portfolio Flow From the above diagram it is visible that, the journey of SAFe […]

What to Expect During the Agile Scrum Master Certification Process

It is true that scrum as a framework was initially meant for creating software products. But its popularity in creating value for enterprise reflects through its usage in many industries like financial services, product development, construction, advertising and marketing, consulting and government offices. Scrum, being an agile framework, ensures teams bring value to an enterprise […]

Understanding the Role of an Agile Scrum Master

Being a part of any business is all about interacting with various stakeholders. An Agile Scrum Master understands to have improved dialogue between teams and multiple stakeholders requires someone to facilitate. An Agile and Scrum Master certification ensures you have the ability to confidently respond to resistance to change, low motivation, lack of engagement, and […]

Product Owner Role in SAFe

Introduction Three key roles plays important role in SAFe implementation. Three key roles which are important at TEAM Level (Other levels are – Program Level, Portfolio Level, Solution Level) – Agile Team members performing daily operational activities. Team as a whole is responsible for delivery and quality of the work undertaken Scrum Master – This person is […]

Different Agile & Scrum Metrics

Author: Premal Desai Introduction What is the meaning of Metrics IT metrics are quantitative assessments that enable organizations to understand the performance of their IT initiatives.  Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a subset of metrics to demonstrate/explain how effectively specific business goals linked to objectives via Projects are achieved. [Projects are enablers of change & […]

What Is The Certified Scrum Master Certification And Why Should You Be Interested?

What Is The Certified Scrum Master Certification And Why Should You Be Interested?

Author: Premal Desai It’s a natural question for those considering the certification: what is the Certified Scrum Certification? What does it teach me, and how will it help me in my day-to-day work life? This blog dives into what you’ll learn from the CSTM course and provides an update on the certification. What Is The […]

Difference Between Agile & Scrum

Author: Premal Desai Introduction In the modern days of project execution, namely ‘DevOps’ environment, the terms Agile and Scrum are used interchangeably, which is understandable given their similarities. However, it is important that practitioners must be aware of their differences. What are the differences The basic difference is that Agile is a philosophy about how […]

Professional Certification Benefits

Professional Certification Benefits

While thinking about Service and Project, it triggered idea of exploring to understand the relationship between Service Management and Project Management.    This is a topic of interest to many people as on the surface both approaches seem to be fighting for some of the same work space in organizations. When we go back to […]