Difference Between Agile & Scrum

Difference Between Agile & Scrum

Difference Between Agile & Scrum

Author: Premal Desai


In the modern days of project execution, namely ‘DevOps’ environment, the terms Agile and Scrum are used interchangeably, which is understandable given their similarities. However, it is important that practitioners must be aware of their differences.

What are the differences

  • The basic difference is that Agile is a philosophy about how to successfully deliver software to a customer, while Scrum is a proven methodology for software development teams to follow. One can say Scrum is the implementation of philosophy which is Agile.
  • Agile philosophy is based on Agile Manifesto published in 2001 while scrum is based on Scrum Guide.
  • Agile is based on four core values [described below] & 12 Principles which are

● Summary – “Highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.”

● The Scrum Guide, published in 2010, officially outlined the steps an organization must follow to implement Scrum.

● Scrum guide defines or describes different roles of scrum and different ceremonies and the various Scrum artefacts a team should create to help track and monitor progress

● Scrum helps the team to be creative and discover the software development best practices that work best for them, so long as the adopted rituals are in line with the guide.

● Five core values of Scrum are – Focus, Openness, Commitment, Courage & Respect [Agile- Respect individuals and interactions]

● As stated earlier, Agile is philosophy more at the abstract level while its implementation is Scrum, more at the definitive level.

● In contrast to the philosophical nature of Agile, Scrum is a methodology

● Scrum is a software development framework that describes how different participants within an organization should work together to most effectively and efficiently develop and deliver software.

● Scrum has five living values, while Agile has four fundamental tenets.

● Three pillars of Scrum are – Transparency, Inspection & Adaptation.

● Five Agile Outcomes are – Better, Value, Sooner, Safer & Happier.


Both Scrum and Agile promise better outcomes and happier customers through the continuous delivery of software to the client.One of the best practices of implementation of Agile & its Principles is Scrum while there are other methodologies that exist too. .



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