Steps To Get CEH Certification

Steps To Get CEH Certification

Steps To Get CEH Certification

What Is Ethical Hacking?

Hacking might sound fascinating but in fact, ethical hacking is a responsible job. So, starting the blog on CEH Certification (Certified Ethical Hacker) with a fact and ideology. However, it is rightly said that if you want to be a hacker you have to think like one. Now, the governing body for CEH certification EC-Council (International Council of E-Commerce Consultants) has impactfully used this as their tagline.

A Certified Ethical Hacker is one who has the skills and passion required for hacking. But, moral conduct constrains them from doing things legally. In addition, hacking when done with permission and under legal norms is ethical. Whereas, the one done violating the legalities is unethical hacking and punishable.

The EC-Council Organization certifies professionals in the field of cyber security to practical ethical hacking. Their mission is :

“To validate information security professionals who are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required in a specialized information security domain that will help them avert a cyber conflict, should the need ever arise.”

How Is CEH Certification Useful?

Now in order to catch malicious activities and vulnerabilities in a system one needs to have a mind of a hacker. Moreover, a hackler will attack on the weaknesses of systems. So, a certified ethical hacker will think and act accordingly to save the systems from hacking Firstly, a certification in the field is necessary. Hence the CEH certification validates that the skills and knowledge required to be an ethical hacker.

Skills Required

Ethical hacking requires a skill set that helps in securing the online assets of an organization. So, the professionals working on these job profiles maintain the organization’s computers and servers. Hence, the people who are planning to take the certification in ethical hacking must possess these skills to have a better understanding.

  • Computer Networking Skills
  • Linux Skills
  • Programming Skills
  • Basic Knowledge of Hardware
  • Database Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills

Benefits Of CEH Certification

If you are skeptical about doing the CEH certification, the benefits will support the reasoning for you. So, let’s know why you should do the certification in ethical hacking.

  1. Boosts your career: It is important to upgrade your skills and certification and training programs are the best way. Therefore, CEH will expose you to find solutions in the hacking field.
  2. Improve Knowledge: This certification will impart knowledge and develop your skills. Also, the CEH training will train your to evaluate risk and vulnerabilities in a system.
  3. Boost Salary: If you are upgrading your knowledge it will reflect in your income. Moreover, many organizations pay a good amount to professionals with CEH certification.
  4. Develop Thinking: The certification will help you develop the mindset of a hacker which will benefit in analyzing the loopholes in online security.
  5. Learning Hacking Tools: Also you will gain great knowledge and hold on the usage of effective tools required for ethical hacking.

Eligibility For CEH Certification

To get through a professional certification you need to surpass the eligibility criteria. So, for CEH certification the pre-requisites are as follows:

  1. Attend Official CEH Training: The training type can be in any format. Computer based training, instructor led training, or live online training are some of them. All the programs have to e approved by the EC-Council.
  2. Without Official CEH training: If you want to get CEH certification without attending the official training then you can follow these steps.
  • Have two or more years of documented experience in the filed of information security.
  • Submit a non refundable examination fee
  • Submit complete CEH eligibility form including the verification from the employer.

Job Opportunities

The importance of certification is when it gives you benefits in your career. So, after doing the CEH certification you can get various job opportunities. The job roles that are open for a certified ethical hacker are:

1. Ethical Hacker: Ethical hackers are known as ‘white hats’ as they break into the systems legally and ethically with the motto of providing security to the systems of an organization.

2. Network Security Engineer: The one who is involved in the provisioning, configuration, deployment, and administration of different prices of network and security-related hardware.

3. Computer Forensics Investigator: Works with law enforcement agencies to retrieve information from computers and other storage devices.

4. Security Auditor: The one who tests and identifies risks and vulnerabilities in a system.

5. Data Security Analyst: An officer who works to protect the company’s networks and systems.

6. Information Security Officer: Monitors the IT systems to look for threats and risks.

Best Place To Get CEH Certification

Choose an institute that is an authorized training partner. Zoc Learnings is an authorized training partner in offering various professional IT courses. The excellent e-modules and self-paced learning will help you a lot.



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