Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

CEH v10 Certification is an EC Council Certification and a training program that prepares you to master techniques at Ethically Hacking, and penetrating online network systems to protect them from cyberattacks. 

CEH Certification Program trains you in the domain of Ethical hacking.  CEH certification program is created to address the latest hacking techniques, tools and methodologies considering the latest security threats and cyberattacks. We conduct open classroom sessions for corporates and self-study model for individuals. Our course material will prepare you on a multitude of techniques including gaining access, reconnaissance, enumeration, maintaining access, covering your track etc.

Course Overview

  • Detailed understanding of CEH methodologies 
  • Training under Certified CEH mentors 
  • An intense workshop that covers the deep dive processes in ethical hacking
  • Concepts explained through classroom setups and study materials.
  • The applicant is certified after passing the exam.
  • The certification is valid for 3 yrs.
  • Certification can be extended for another 3 yrs. by scoring 120 credit points. 

In current scenario companies big and small highly depend on e-commerce network or sensitive customer data that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Every organization today is supported by an IT system and cloud storage are equally sensitive to cyber-attacks. Even if the systems are air-tight there is the scope of technology breach and attack. In such scenarios, organizations work in reverse mechanism testing their own system vulnerability on the latest threats and attacks.

  • CEH professionals have a high demand for organizations to carry out ethical hacking practices.
  • A regular audit and health check of the systems and network can be conducted for a fool-proof system as well as creating awareness.
  • Protect business models across cloud and IT system platforms.
  • Largely safeguard a company’s assets that is their data hence securing the company’s reputation.
  • CEH is rated as one of the highest-paying professions.

What will you learn?

  • Theoretical exposure to ethical hacking techniques.
  • Latest tools, technologies and methodologies practiced under CEH.
  • Securing and counterattacking mobile platforms and how to identify threats for mobile infrastructure.
  • Master ethical hacking techniques and standards.

Target Audience

  • People interested in pursuing a Certification in Ethical Hacking.
  • Information Security professionals who want to get certified as an Ethical Hacker.
  • IT Professionals like security auditors, security officers & site administrators attached to a network infrastructure profile.
  • IoT Professionals.

Applicants have to attend a training course before attempting the online test.
Applicants who are directly attempting the exams should have at least 2 yrs. of experience from the information security domain.

Exam Formats

Test Duration – 4 Hours
Questions – 125 questions
Test Format – Multiple choice
Passing criteria – Minimum 60-85% 


Who can undertake the CEH Certifications?
CEH Certification Course can be opted by corporate groups who want to enhance their team’s skill.

As a corporate, what will be the minimum number of participants required?
We are good with a batch size of minimum 10-15 participants.

How can I as an individual enrol for this course?
For individuals, we offer the self-study format, where we assist you with e-books, course materials, sample question papers and appearing the exam.

What if I want to enrol in a course and not self-study format?
The feasibility of offering a course could be only in a batch of a minimum of 10 participants.

How can an exam voucher be procured?
The exam voucher is part of the training process and we guide you with the whole process.

Post receiving approval from EC council, when can I appear for the exam?
The EC council approval is valid only for 3 months and voucher needs to be purchased. The exam can appeared within 1 year of purchasing the voucher. We offer passing assurance on clearing the exam.