PMP 7th Edition FAQ’s Answered

PMP 7th Edition FAQ’s Answered

PMP 7th Edition FAQ’s Answered

PMP 7th edition FAQ's

The version of PMP is changing, and this latest news has created a lot of buzz. Many IT professionals who were looking forward to giving this exam are now filled with many doubts and questions. If you have similar queries and are looking forward to getting answers of all in one place, continue reading. Further, we have discussed some important FAQs related to PMP 7th edition that will help aspiring candidates get answers to their questions.

‘The Only Constant In The Technology Industry Is Change’– Marc Benoff

Technology changes very frequently; therefore, everything that revolves around it needs to change. However, a lot of confusion arises when things start getting different. To make this shift comfortable, take a look at the most FAQs on PMP 7th edition and prepare for the certification peacefully.

When will the new PMBOK 7th Edition published?

Earlier the changes in the PMP exam were expected to roll out in July 2020. However, the pandemic and uncertainties affected the decision. Now, we can expect the PMP 7th edition to be released on August 1st, 2021.

How 2021 PMP exam is different that 2022 exam?

Every industry grows and evolves as time passes by. These changes call for many advancements as well. In PMP as well, the exam pattern is changing as per the time-demanding changes. The Project Management Institute (PMI) conducts research every three to five years. After doing an adequate study and analysis, the changes are published. The three significant changes in the exam pattern will be based on

  • Content
  • Format
  • Preparation

Apart from this, the new version of the PMP exam will consist of 180 questions that will contain MCQs, multiple responses, hotspot, matching, and fill-in-the-blanks. There would also be scenario-based questions to test the agility of candidates.

Which books should I refer for the preparation?

PMP certificationis not based on a single skill set. So, you are tested on various levels, which decide whether you have the desired skills and knowledge of project management. The PMBOK (Project Management Book Of Knowledge) is a reliable source that you can consider while preparing for the PMP certification. However, one needs to get expert guidance from the trainers that provide real-time mentorship of the competitive professional field. Some great institutes can also help you in clearing the exam by conducting mock tests. You can review your knowledge and understandings via these tests.

How many questions will be there in the new edition?

PMP 6th edition had 200 questions, whereas the PMP 7th edition will consists of 10 questions. The time allotment for the examination according to the new rules will be 230 minutes.

Is PMP 7th Edition Hard?

You will have to develop a deeper understanding of the Agile and the Predictive methodologies as the certification will be based on both approaches. So the PMP 7th edition exam will consist of 50% Agile knowledge and 50% Predictive knowledge.

How will the 7th edition change in PMBOK Guide affect the PMP exam?

The 7th edition change is majorly focused on the approach of project management. The PMBOK is used as a reference, not as a tool to complete the certification. The candidates need to stay updated with the changes in the exam format and prepare accordingly.

What if I didn’t pass the exam before it changes?

Don’t be dishearted if you could not pass the PMP exam 6th edition. You can either wait for PMP 7th edition and contact a good training insitute like Zoc Learnings who can give assistance from beginning till the end. The assurance of passing the certifucation offered by ZOC is 98% with 100% money back gurantee.

Can I still use Process groups and Knowledge groups

Knowledge never goes to waste, especially the one which you have earned with experience. If you are still doubtful about the approach, don’t worry as they can never go out of use, and you can combine and use it with other techniques for better and targeted results.

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