Prince2 certification: Your Friendly Road Map to success

Prince2 certification: Your Friendly Road Map to success
prince2 certification

Prince2 certification: Your Friendly Road Map to success

Prince2 certification from AXILOS-UK, is acknowledged as a professional IT and management training and certification course that can be used to attest to their working knowledge in project management frameworks, methodologies, and best practices. In the context of project management, Prince 2 stands for Projects In Controlled Environments. Recognized as a notable certified training program globally, it is listed as an effective tool for organizations that want their projects to hold ground in a dynamic setup. What makes this certification interesting is that a holistic project management approach can be applied to businesses and markets across sectors. 

The Prince2 Foundation course curriculum includes methodologies required to work seamlessly within a Prince2-supporting environment. It is intended for project managers, product managers, project sponsors, team leads, analysts, operational managers, IT professionals, and other office personnel working on diverse organizational projects. This certification proves to be useful in numerous project managerial roles wherein the task involves the provision, support, and delivery of projects across multiple sectors. 

The examination is based on the latest 6th edition of ‘The Managing Successful Projects with Prince2’ published in 2017 comprising a practical approach to project management. There are four levels under the Prince2 certification, each one a prerequisite to the other. They are as follows: 

Prince2 Foundation: 

This process-based course sets the premise for IT professionals to understand the principles, themes, and processes of Prince2.

Prince2 Practitioner: 

An overview of this course allows individuals to become familiar with advanced concepts, including Prince2’s roles and responsibilities, experiences and applying Prince2 risk.

Prince2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner Training: 

Enhance your project management proficiency with this course. In a fast-paced business environment, harness the value and knowledge that this course imparts to successfully deliver projects and meet client requirements.

The Prince2 Foundation certification is required to proceed for the much-advanced Practitioner certification and involves 60 multiple-choice questions per paper in a closed book format with 1-hour duration. The entire course is designed for an in-depth understanding of end-to-end project management. Aside from introducing efficient Prince2 methodologies and terms, the certification has certain key benefits: 

  • Gain valuable insights about project management using structured approach
  • Identify risks in an organization
  • Create better business engagement
  • Get hold of a certification in-demand globally
  • Learn and execute best practices at work using Prince2 setup
  • Advance to higher levels of certifications 
  • Opportunity to draw bigger salaries & improved roles and responsibilities
  • Establish credibility within the industry 

The training is conducted both virtually and in person with the choice of appearing for it in 8 languages. These strategized learning modalities and methods include a hands-on training approach that is at par with international standards. Once issued, the certification is valid for a lifetime, making it the perfect choice for everyone involved in the process of project management.  

The course, accredited by reputed institutes like PeopleCert and AXELOS, can be applied to any project, irrespective of its size, complexity, nature of business, or industry type. Given its universal applicability, the certification is relevant, especially in the ever-changing IT landscape.  With its comprehensive curriculum and international recognition, the certification can help the career of existing and aspiring project managers take off in no time. So what’s stopping you from enrolling in the Price2 certification? Enrol now and avail the world of success !!!



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