Information Security Training and Certification Programs That Will Get You Hired Now

Information Security Training and Certification Programs That Will Get You Hired Now
CRISC Certification Training

Information Security Training and Certification Programs That Will Get You Hired Now

Risk assessment is a facet that businesses deem integral to their future success. With more of our personal and professional lives moving to the digital realm, cybersecurity has become a priority to protect ourselves against data theft and fraud. Thus, it is the need of the hour for evolving workforces to focus on business continuity, resilience and corporate governance, and data privacy and security. Here is where the Certified Risk & Information Systems Control (CRISC) comes into play. CRISC certification training is an enterprise risk management framework designed to reduce threats to overall business mechanics. It is a means to supplement your ability to plan and organize in a real place of work with effective management in place that reduces risks without disrupting the innovation process.

Accredited by ISACA, the prerequisite for undertaking this certification is to have the following:

  • 3 years of prior experience in IT risk management and IS control (work experience must be gained within five years and no more than ten years from the certification application date)
  • Adherence to professional ethics stipulated under the CRISC certification code
  • Adherence to ISACA continuing Professional Education Policy 

The four domains that this certification covers include:

  • IT risk identification
  • IT risk assessment
  • Risk response and mitigation
  • Risk and control monitoring and reporting

This framework is outlined for individuals with experience with risk management and evaluation, risk response, risk monitoring, information systems control design and implementation tasked with IT/IS audits, and information systems control monitoring and maintenance. Therefore, you are chalked out for the CRISC certification training if you are a cohort of IT professionals, project managers, risk professionals, control professionals, compliance professionals, and business analysts. Even CIOs (Chief Information Officers) and CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) who are highly focused on IT risk management can apply for this certification. The course would further hone their ability to analyze the organization’s risk tolerance capability and strike the right balance between security controls and performing the organization’s functions within a drawn budget.

You can obtain the following career benefits from CRISC certification training:

  • Show expertise in certain technical areas of business risk management
  • Acquire third-party validation of skills and knowledge
  • Instantly authenticate your credentials and marketability
  • Showcases your commitment by upskilling for professional development 
  • Charts the path for higher earning potential
  • Get the upper hand in promotions, lateral transfers, or career progression within a company
  • It grants you a competitive edge over other candidates

With a potential cybersecurity threat looming over our heads, having CRISC-certified professionals on staff is a smart option. Here are some benefits that CRISC employees bring forth to their employers:

  • IT knowledge of security models, controls, and processes
  • Ability to outline risk management strategies in an enterprise environment
  • Mediate between business needs and risk controls
  • Comply with an organization’s risk management and control plans 
  • Experience in designing risk-based controls for information systems tailor-made for companies
  • Understanding of governance and legal and compliance requirements
  • Expertise in the technical sphere 

The training modalities include virtual classes conducted by the most experienced and highly qualified real-time trainers, public classes with hands-on training, and corporate training that comprises strategized learning methodologies. The exam structure includes a total of 150 multiple-choice questions for a duration of 4 hours. Re-certification is required to update your technical skills to combat cyber threats.

Wondering why you should apply for this course? CRISC certification training with ZOC is a globally recognized certification that would enable you to fortify a business’s information security. So, enroll for this certification now!



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