Benefits of Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM) Certification

Benefits of Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM) Certification

Benefits of Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM) Certification

benefits of capm certification

We always think of the benefits whenever we look forward to taking up a new course, training and/or certification. Especially for Project Management Jobs which is already in great demand in the market. Therefore, it is important to calculate and analyse the worth of certification so that it helps in your long-term career goals. Further, to step into the project management career, you must prove your credentials and calibre to your employer. So, the benefits of Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM) Certification plays an integral role in lifting up your resume. It helps you to stand out and beat the minimum eligibility requirement. Finally, it helps to get prosperous project management positions in various firms.

The benefit of getting Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM) Certification is a treat to the eyes. The most important of all benefits is that CAPM certification serves as the ladder to prepare for PMP Certification. So, let’s briefly discuss what is CAPM certification and is CAPM certification worth it to be on your Information Technology resume.

What is CAPM Certification?

Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM) caters career objective of those professionals willing to take a job in the field of Project Management. Indeed, these professionals are keen to enter the world of project management without the baseline experience to pursue PMP certification. Hence, CAPM Certification is the first stepping stone that helps them knock on the door of opportunities in this field. The CAPM Certification came into being in the year 2003, burgeoning and marking its presence and position in the IT sector.

Evidently, CAPM has been successful to grow its demand and popularity among the aspirants who are keen to invest their skills and talents as project managers. So technically, CAPM certification main aim is that the individual possesses the knowledge of Project Management. It helps to learn the principles and terminology of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide).

In the job research, most of the companies/firms demand CAPM or PMP Certification as a required eligibility criterion for an entry to a mid-level role in the IT Industry, specifically project management. This is because CAPM Certification just like PMP Certification offers credibility on the possessed skills of the prospect candidature. Hence, this multiplies the benefits of CAPM certification and brings a new and credible skillset in your knowledge treasure box.

Now, let’s explore the benefits of CAPM Certification in your life.

CAPM Certification Benefits

Versatile Career Opportunities

As per the statistics, by 2020 almost 1.57 million new positions emerged globally for project management jobs. Therefore, this highlights that Project Management jobs are high in demand. Hence, it creates wide career opportunities. This demand shall continue to grow in the upcoming years as per the IT industry forecast. One of the benefits of CAPM certification is that it diversifies your reach and skills. Therefore, it helps to attain reputable project management positions in the company.

Undoubtedly, amongst all the industry-recognized certifications, CAPM certification upgrades your skills to be a prospective project manager. Owing to this, top companies pay a lot of attention while interviewing for the role of entry-level Project Management jobs. So, CAPM is the cherry on the cake for your resume. Also, CAPM® certification is a prerequisite in many job roles to upgrade your position. CAPM is the epitome of acquired skills so you know how useful is CAPM certification.

Besides, CAPM certification is one of the first preferences for project management job seekers in the USA, Asia, Africa, America and the Middle East. Hence, this amplifies the outreach of the job prospects. Moreover, companies locate their best project management employees to various global locations which is a plus point. It will give you the opportunity to travel around the world to various locations of bigger and better projects. Also, CAPM certification is the key to open doors for various job roles such.

Jobs After CAPM Certification:
  • Business Analyst & Consultants
  • PMO Operational Support Analyst
  • IT Technical Project Manager
  • Marketing Communications Coordinator
  • Member Relations Administrator
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Manager
  • Associate Project Manager
  • Operational Support Associate
  • Quantitative Analytics Consultant
  • Project Management Analyst
  • Data Programmer Analyst
  • Project Support Analyst
  • Project Controls Analyst
  • IT Business Analyst
  • Jr. Project Manager
  • Project Scheduler
  • Program Manager
  • Tech Project Manager
  • Systems Planning Engineer
  • Packaging Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Application Engineer
  • Control Engineer
  • Engineering Project Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Cost Engineer
Increased Salary Prospects

Evidently, after pursuing CAPM Certification, you can get a 20%-25% rise in your salary according to PMI’s Earning Power Salary Survey. This is because CAPM certified professionals possess skills, and demonstrates motivation in the Project management field. Hence, after pursuing CAPM, they can demand a good pay raise in their salary in comparison to the non-certified professionals. Employers prefer individuals with CAPM certification and hence, provide better incentives and compensation for the growth of the company. It is evident that Project Managers can earn between $90,000 and $150,000 annually. On average, CAPM® salary can be $92,000. Mostly, the top-paying IT firms and companies pay salaries above $100,000.

CAPM Job Roles and Years of Experience:
DesignationYears of ExperienceSalary (USD)
Project Coordinator1-553,000 – 70,000
Business Analyst5-768,000 – 93,000
Associate Project Manager7-1087,000 – 102,000
Project Manager, Information Technology9-1295,000 – 120,000
Sr. Project Manager12+105,000 – 126,000
Certified Associate in Project Manager Career in Top Companies:
CompanySalary (in USD)
Booz, Allen, and Hamilton55,000 – 113,000
Aecom Corporation76,000 – 87,000
International Business Machines62,000 – 102,000
SAP America54,000 – 79,000
CAPM Salary as per Work Mode Location:
Job titleAverage salary
Remote CAPM$88,820
Online CAPM$68,253
Full-time CAPM$59,653
Personality Enhancement

Honestly, the professionals who pursue certifications develop and further enhance their personalities. So, CAPM certification helps the professionals to develop a creative bent of mind along with high analytical and logical thinking skills to invest in the project. The CAPM certification helps in the synchronization of the project at every level and further helps to monitor the well-maintained, cost-effective coordination to complete the project on a timely basis. Additionally, CAPM Professionals self-diagnose their careers and work and strive for better jobs.

Also, by pursuing the CAPM exam, you will inherit various project management terminology, tools & techniques that shall help you prove your project management practices and skills. Further, it will help you approach the tasks with the right methodology to back up your decisions. Moreover, CAPM Certification will not only give you a sense of satisfaction but also infuse optimism and self-confidence as an individual.

Professional Development

Furthermore, CAPM involves rigorous hours of studies which helps to lay the foundation necessary to tackle a project management career. So, the learning material of CAPM enables professionals to get acquainted with the best project management practices. Hence, the skills earned from CAPM Certification helps to witness the real-world experience and knowledge to plan, execute, monitor, control and complete a project successfully. After doing CAPM, you attain more knowledge and skill than your colleagues which in itself help your stand out. You can also be sure to be shouldered with more complex and important project responsibilities because of your added CAPM Certification.

It is well known that the evaluation process of CAPM certification is quite rigid. Hence, it enforces the professionals to abide by the industry-standard ethics and code, transforming them into highly proficient and trained project management disciples. Further, the PMI PMBOK guidelines followed in CAPM certification helps to imbibe the best project management skills and practices. Also, it trains to learn various project management activities like project planning, execution, monitoring, and controlling for successful completion of projects assigned. Hence, the core areas of learning are:

  • First is Project Integration Management
  • Second is Project Scope Management
  • Third is Project Time Management
  • Fourth is Project Cost Management
  • Fifth is Project Quality Management
  • Sixth is Project HR Management
  • Seventh is Project Communication Management
  • Eighth is Project Risk Management
  • Finally, ninth is Project Procurement Management
Advance Preparation for PMP:

Additionally, Project management is considered to be the best business credential in the world. As per the statistics, forty times more people go for PMP in comparison to any other certification. CAPM is the foundation of Project Management whereas PMP is the expert level certification, defining the potential of a Project Manager. Hence, CAPM Certification forms the base for pursuing PMP in the future. Moreover, highly coveted hours of project management experience through CAPM certification will help you to prepare for the PMP exam.

Just like the CAPM certification exam syllabus, the PMP certification exam syllabus also follows the same except CAPM exam solely covers PMBOK study material whereas PMP covers varied topics in its syllabus from the same study guide. Hence, CAPM certification prepares you in advance to take up the PMP certification, after attaining the eligibility requirements.

Global Recognition

The governing body of CAPM Certification- PMI is globally revered for its project management literature and certifications. Thus, CAPM is an accepted and credible certification for professionals across the nations in the project management industry. After pursuing this certification, an individual is certified and recognized as a knowledgeable and skilled project management professional. Hence, it can help to get jobs globally at a good pay scale, along with a good and challenging work environment.

Inherit Life Skills and Leadership Qualities

Clearly, committing to the CAPM Certification and pursuing it with all you might depict your dedication and passion about continuing your education to the prospective employers in the Project Management field. Additionally, CAPM certification brings out the leadership qualities and helps them to confidently lead the team. Furthermore, it teaches them about how to form, maintain, motivate, and best utilize the team members to the best of their capabilities. Hence, CAPM certified professionals serve as the core strength of the business function in various sectors, especially Information Technology.

Increased Project Success Rate

Since the CAPM Certification gives you the knowledge of the application of various project management tools & techniques, it helps to make the project more approachable and efficient leading to success. It can also bring in and give rise to other successful projects. Also, this certification allows the clients to develop confidence in their abilities and skills, leading to getting more projects in hand. Since CAPM Certification is globally recognized, it offers a great marketing opportunity to earn a decent number of customers as well as projects.


Hence, there should be no second choice if you want to start your career in Project Management as CAPM certification is worth it. The benefits of CAPM Certification outshines every other certification and course in the market. Certainly, it is a stepping stone to a much higher and revered certification in the project management industry- PMP. So, start preparing for your project management foundation by pursuing CAPM certification with Zoc Learnings.

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