Certified Business Analysis Professional(CBAP ) Training & Certification Course

ZOC Learnings offers CBAP Certification courses to help you become a qualified professional in Business Analysis. Learn from expert instructors & gain skills to boost your career. Get certified today & become a part of the Business Analysis industry.
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CBAP Certification

About CBAP Certification Course

The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) Course by ZOC Learnings is designed to help professionals excel in the field of business analysis. Our comprehensive course covers all the topics necessary to become a CBAP® certified professional. The course covers topics such as business analysis tools and techniques, enterprise analysis, requirements elicitation and analysis, requirements management and communication, solution assessment and validation, and business analysis planning and monitoring. Participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to apply business analysis principles and best practices to their work. They will also learn how to use the latest tools and techniques to help organizations achieve their objectives. Our experienced instructors provide guidance and support throughout the course, and our hands-on approach ensures that participants are well-prepared for their CBAP® examination.

Accredited by :


At least two years of business analysis experience with an interest in pursuing a business analysis certification or interest in obtaining information about the exam, exam process, and the content covered.

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    Training Calendar

    There are currently no events.
    Certification Name
    Project Management
    11 March – 12 March
    18 March – 19 March
    Online Instructor-Led


    Training Calendar

    There are currently no events.
    Certification Name
    Project Management
    11 March – 12 March
    18 March – 19 March
    Online Instructor-Led

    Exam Info

    Skills You Will Learn

    CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) is a certification program for business analysts. The skills you learn in CBAP include:

    • Business analysis planning and monitoring
    • Elicitation and collaboration
    • Requirements life cycle management
      Strategy analysis
    • Requirements analysis and design definition
      Solution evaluation
    • Business analysis competency

    These skills help business analysts to identify and define business needs, and to recommend solutions that deliver value to stakeholders. CBAP certification also validates an individual’s expertise in the business analysis profession and enhances their career prospects.

    Our Training Modalities

    Customised Corporate Training Icon
    Online Live Classes

    Online Live Instructor-led Classroom Training with Most Experienced & Highly Qualified Real-Time Trainers

    Interactive sessions (1)
    Public Classes

    Extensive hands-on class room training at par with international standards

    Training & Development
    Corporate Training

    Dedicated and strategised learning methodologies to achieve improved and effective ROI of employees in the organisation.


    Key Features

    The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) course provides training on the skills and techniques necessary for successful business analysis, including requirements elicitation, analysis, and management. It also covers business architecture, solution assessment and validation, and stakeholder management. Passing the CBAP exam demonstrates a high level of expertise in the field of business analysis.

    Who can join ZOC's CBAP Course?

    The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) course is designed for experienced business analysts who meet certain eligibility criteria, including a minimum of 7,500 hours of business analysis work experience, at least 900 hours in four of the six BABOK knowledge areas, and two references from a career manager, client or CBAP recipient. The course is ideal for professionals seeking to enhance their business analysis skills and achieve certification.


    Why Choose ZOC?

    Best AccreditedTrainer
    Best Accredited Trainer

    We provide the best training by an experienced & accredited trainer. Our trainers are highly qualified and have decades of experience in the subject.

    Free CareerMentor
    Free Career

    If the participant is having problems with his/her career or skills or is depressed due to lack of promotion, we offer free career mentoring and point out the right path for him/her.

    InternationallyRecognised Certifications
    Internationally Recognised Certifications

    We are a well-known Accredited Training & Certification Organization, offering more than 75 globally recognized professional certifications.

    100% Money-Back Guarantee
    100% Money-Back Guarantee

    Ensure your success in the certification exam. You are covered with a 100% money-back guarantee.

    100% Pass Rate
    Pass Rate

    Guaranteed Pass in Training Certification. Our trainers discuss real time scenarios so that the participant can learn easily.

    No HiddenCharges
    No Hidden Charges

    Course fee includes training fee, exam fee, certification fee & all taxes. We do not charge any additional/hidden fees.

    Gratifying Reviews From ZOC Learners

    Haftu Hailezgy
    Haftu Hailezgy
    Recently, I had a chance to attend an online course with Zoc Learnings remotely from West Africa, and I was satisfied with the training quality, staff dedication and delivery as promised in general and specifically I respect and appreciate the client orientation skill demonstrated by the sales manager named Ganesh Angane.
    Ankur Srivastava
    Ankur Srivastava
    Zoe technologies is a great place to learn and passing the cloud certifications. I passed my Azure Administrator exam with the help of learning materials/training provided by the company. Pooja is really helpful co-ordinator and she helped a lot in guiding me to the correct training tutors.
    Gaurav Dubey
    Gaurav Dubey
    Good experience with zoc
    Afroz Alam
    Afroz Alam
    Very educative and totally worth it. I'm happy and i feel fulfilled being able to complete this course successfully. The tutor took his time to explain each concept and the videos were short and straight to the point. Assignments and class works were challenging, which helps in understanding what is being taught. Thank you
    Zoc Learnings is very professional and great Training institute. The trainers come with many years of experience and in-depth knowledge. They helped me to prepare well for information security as well project management related certifications. Highly recommend for people aspiring on International certifications…Thank you for the great support.
    Amit Kamate
    Amit Kamate
    Through Professional approach of the Institute. They are very supportive and training were to the mark . Ganesh was specifically looking after my training program and was always available for any assistance. I cleared my PMP exams and thanks to Ganesh and Kavita and those who all guided me . Definitely I recommend this institute
    Md Rahman
    Md Rahman
    Pooja is so active person. She is so responsible to finish his job
    Heston D'Silva
    Heston D'Silva
    Great services and training as always. Thanks to Pooja for her support and professionalism. Highly recommend.

    PMP Training FAQs

    Project Management Profession (PMP) is an internationally recognized professional designation issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The PMP Certification Course from ZOC is a credible and thorough certification training program that provides project management skills and knowledge that are in demand. The PMP credential is a widely accepted certification for individuals with project management experience. The accreditation helps IT professionals develop an industry perspective in managing real-life projects.

    Businesses with more PMP-certified employees succeed most effectively on various projects. In addition, the PMP is one of the most lucrative credentials in the world.

    PMP certification is globally recognized and a vital credential for showcasing and enhancing your project management capabilities. With a PMP certification course, you can master the core concepts of project management and develop critical thinking skills for the examination and real-life scenarios. Any field you desire to work in can benefit from having a PMP certification. PMP offers high-end earning potential and bolsters your credibility.

    Additionally, even if your project management career is just starting, the PMP certification will help you compensate for your lack of expertise. With a large community of PMP holders worldwide, PMP certification also offers an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and share your knowledge on the latest trends and practices.

    ZOC’s PMP certification is an expert-level course. It has been designed for IT professionals and managers in their organizations at mid to senior levels. People who can join the course vary from team leaders, program managers and product managers to project leaders, project analysts, project coordinators and project sponsors. Anybody seeking knowledge of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guidelines can also enroll in the course.


    Additionally, candidates must meet specific prerequisites to enroll in the course. This includes a four-year diploma, 36 months of project management experience, and CAPM Certification or 35 hours of project management education/training.

    PMP certification is prestigious and globally recognized. As a PMP-certified professional, you are eligible for jobs in several countries worldwide. PMP certifications add value to your resume and increase your earning potential. According to PMI, PMP-certified professionals in the USA have an average of 32% higher pay than non-certified professionals. 


    It is also a great add-on to your current skill set in a competitive environment as it demonstrates project management skills. You can discover the widely used project management tools, procedures, and approaches through the course. Additionally, you will get the chance to develop your soft skills and apply your theoretical knowledge in real-world situations.

    PMP certification is a two-step process. You need to prepare, apply, and take an examination. So, project managers and interested candidates must first meet the eligibility criteria for taking the course. The prerequisites include a four-year diploma, 36 months of project management experience, and CAPM Certification or 35 hours of project management education/training. You may refer to the certification handbook for more details on eligibility.


    If a candidate is eligible, the candidate must appear for an online-proctored exam consisting of 180-questions. There is a 230-minute time limit for the paper with two 10-minute breaks. There are multiple-choice, multiple-response, matching, hotspot and limited fill-in-the-blank questions. To prepare for the exam, you can enroll in ZOC’s PMP training program and enjoy the benefits of online or offline learning.

    PMP certification requires 35 hours of project management training. Hence, ZOC’s PMP course is 35+ hours in length. The in-depth course covers fifteen modules, each of which is explained and addressed in detail for online classes, public classes, and corporate training. As an expert-level exam, the course length has been optimized to provide enough time for the candidates to focus on each module and get every concept clarified.

    As a PMI-accredited course, ZOC provides premium course deliverables that help you prepare the best for the exam. The deliverables include courseware, a question bank, and a training kit. You can also access study resources like case studies, exercises, eBooks, and mock tests for up to a year. We also guide you towards essential materials you need to refer to from authentic online sources like PMI’s official website. Our trained and experienced course trainers are also available for course-related assistance.

    PMI provides three requirements for the PMP training course. You must have a four-year degree, 36 months of experience in leading projects within the past eight years, and 35 hours of project management training or education. Alternatively, you can have a high school diploma or associates degree, 60 months of experience in leading projects within the past eight years and 35 hours of project management training or education (or CAPM Certification). 


    You should keep a record of your projects and training, noting details such as your precise role, your duties, and the duration of the projects or training so that you may refer to it when you apply.

    The PMP certification cost includes the cost of training and the compulsory exam fee. The compulsory exam fee is to be directly paid to the governing body PMI. You can contact the ZOC team to find the most suitable pricing and offers on PMP training and training materials.

    ZOC offers PMP training through online and in-person modes. You can reach out to expert trainers during these real-time interactions to clarify your doubts. However, we organize separate doubt-clearing sessions for our candidates to eliminate any scope of misunderstanding or confusion. Our experienced trainers ensure every doubt is addressed and clarified for the best understanding and results.

    The PMP exam fee is directly paid to the accredited body, that is, Project Management Institute (PMI). The fee varies according to a candidate’s PMI membership; however, members and non-members can apply for the exam. Members have to pay $405, while non-members have to pay $555. You can check out their website to pay the examination fee.

    You would be allowed two additional attempts within your one-year eligibility if you failed the PMP exam on your first try. If not, you won’t be allowed to apply once again for a year. You are prohibited from taking the test during this restricted period even if you don’t try the exam or fail on one of your last two tries.


    However, you shouldn’t register for the PMP exam if your eligibility is about to expire. Allow the eligibility to lapse. After that, you can reapply with a new one-year window and three tries.

    The PMP course curriculum is divided into fifteen modules. It begins with the basics of defining project management, project management in an organization, and its methodologies. The course takes you through areas like planning a project and the schedule, cost, risks, resources and procurements involved. You will also learn about working with stakeholders and, finally, insights into executing, monitoring, controlling and closing projects. 


    You will learn how to successfully manage difficult projects with lofty goals by applying in-demand project management techniques that are recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) through practical exercises and case studies.

    The PMP certification is valid for three years. However, it can be kept up to date or renewed by accumulating 60 professional development units (PDUs)—defined as hours spent on approved professional development activities during that period. Additionally, you must pay a renewal charge of either $60 for PMI members or $150 for non-members. When everything is finished, a new PMP certificate with a new expiration date will be mailed to the registered address. The PMP License Number remains unchanged.

    After completing the PMP course, you receive a certificate of participation from ZOC. The certificate is highly valuable as it makes you eligible for the PMP exam and is a tangible asset to show your skills in project management. However, you will be required to renew your certificate every three years to stay updated in this dynamic field.

    We organize new batches for the PMP course at regular intervals. If you cannot make it to your pre-planned batch, you are free to reschedule it according to the new batch dates. We will note the change and ensure you can join a new batch without any hassle.

    PMI suggests that candidates must prepare for the exam before applying. However, PMP exams are held almost every day. It is, thus, recommended that you book your seats for the exam at least three months in advance. In that case, you get sufficient time to enroll for our course and complete the training. As the ZOC PMP course is 35 hours+, you can get your mandatory training, practical learning, and doubt-clearing sessions with time to spare for self-study. Avoid having a smaller time gap between course preparation and exam dates. 

    The exam fees for PMP have to be directly paid to the governing body PMI at the time of the application. Hence, the ZOC PMP training and course do not include the exam fees. However, the course gives you access to all the training materials and real-time classes you need to pass the exam. Please feel free to contact the ZOC team for any queries about the exam or PMP course training. 

    Q19) What

    The PMI sets down two sets of eligibility criteria for the PMP exam criteria. You must be eligible for either one of the sets to appear for the PMP exam. 


    You can have a Four-Year Degree, 36 months of experience leading projects within the past eight years, and 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM certification. Alternatively, you can be eligible by having a high school Diploma or Associates Degree, 60 months of experience leading projects within the past eight years and 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM certification.

    You can learn about project management and its significance by taking ZOC’s Project Management Professional training course. You thoroughly understand the project’s stages, life cycle, stakeholders, enterprise environment, and organizational resources. You can explore different project management components and foresee environmental elements and organizational systems. Candidates comprehend the principles of project management and the specifics of putting project integration management into practice. Most importantly, you gain the assurance required to sit for the PMP certification exam and upskill to enhance your earning potential and credibility.

    This PMP certification course by ZOC Tech will help you master the core concepts of project management and help you develop an industry perspective in managing real-life projects. During this training, you will develop critical thinking skills to help you confidently attempt the PMP exam.

    First, ensure that you meet the eligibility standards discussed above. You may refer to the certification handbook for more details on eligibility. After that, you must pass the PMP exam to become a PMI-certified professional.

    Documentation is not required when applying. However, if PMI picks up your application for a random audit, you must send supporting documents within ninety days. You may refer to the certification handbooks and audit FAQs for more information on PMI’s audit procedure.

    After completing the application process, PMI selects a few applications randomly for an audit. PMI audit ensures that the applicants are eligible for the respective certification. During the PMP audit, you must provide proof of your qualifications, like diploma/ degree certificates, experience certificates, professional education/ training certificates, etc. Once you clear this round, you can schedule your exam.

    No. Non-members can also apply for the PMI certifications.

    No. There is no such requirement. You can substitute CAPM with 35 contact hours of project management education/training. 

    PMI has not released any official statistics on the PMP audits. However, it is estimated that the percentage is between 1 and 10%, based on the experience of numerous senior experts and institutes.

    The PMP exam has 180 questions, with about 25 being pretest questions. Pretest questions won’t count to your final marks. PMI collects statistical information on the validity of the questions through pretest questions. However, during the examination or even at the end, you never know which question is a pretest.

    PDUs or Professional Development Units are sixty-minute time blocks spent in professional development through project management training, teaching-learning, volunteering, etc. You must accumulate 60 PDUs in three years to maintain your PMI certification.

    The PMP exam consists of 180 questions. You may expect questions from mathematical questions based on formulas, questions based on real-life scenarios, and questions on leadership and interpersonal skills. The length of the questions can range from a couple of lines to numerous lines. You must determine the question keywords and focus on them. 

    PMP exam will have 180 questions from three domains- people (42%), process (50%), and business (8%). You have to complete it in 230 minutes. You will also get two 10-minute breaks in between. The exam will mix multiple responses, match-making, hotspot, multiple choice, and fill-the-blank questions. Half of the questions will represent predictive project management approaches, and the rest will represent Agile/ hybrid approaches. 

    For preparation, you can rely on the PMBOK guide and other relevant study materials. Attempting a series of mock tests will give you a glimpse of the PMP exam. You can also join professional groups on platforms like LinkedIn for assistance. Moreover, authorized training providers like ZOC Tech will help you prepare for the exam.

    PMI will issue you a PMP digital badge within two weeks of earning PMP certification. It is a digital version of PMP certification that you can share on social media handles, your website, and professional platforms like LinkedIn.

    PMI conducts monthly PMP exam preparation workshops to give you hands-on experience in project management. After completing this workshop, you will get a certificate with 35 contact hours of project management education.

    You can contact the ZOC Tech team for the best price and discount offers. 

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    Take your career in a new direction with CBAP Certification

    Certified Business Analysis Professional Certification is a globally recognized certificate for anyone looking for a bright business-analysis career. The certificate programme is curated explicitly for aspirants interested in business analysis. However, clearing the CBAP training is a challenge. It requires a considerable understanding of various topics and attention to detail to achieve mastery of this. ZOC Learnings offers comprehensive CBAP training to interested students. Our CBAP Certification programme is curated by experts and consists of key topics to enable one to comprehend the principles of business analysis.

    Get trained by the experts

    CBAP Certification is a skill-focused programme. The professional courses emphasize critical thinking ability and core business practises. The fundamental concepts of CBAP are crucial and complex. Only a professional trainer with adequate experience in CBAP training can help you grasp the essential concepts and build a bright career in this arena.

    Moreover, the professional CBAP Certification exam level is also high and consists of professional development and experience. ZOC Learnings has some of the best faculties working with it. Our team of expert professionals has excellent knowledge and understanding of CBAP. Our certification course is crafted with utmost vigilance to maximize our students’ benefit. At ZOC Learnings, we aim to nurture our students and prepare them for the competitive world.

    The CBAP Certification Cost

    The CBAP certification cost varies from institute to institute. Every institute has a different pricing model. ZOC Learnings follows a student-centric approach and ensures it offers CBAP certification training at the most competitive price. Moreover, after completing this CBAP training, you will get an optimal salary and a considerate position.

    Now increase your credibility and recognition by making your mark in the business domain with CBAP certification. Enrol now!

    Coach congratulating one of business course attendants on graduation event