ITIL V4 Certification: Why It’s Important and How to Obtain It

ITIL V4 Certification: Why It’s Important and How to Obtain It
ITIL V4 Certification

ITIL V4 Certification: Why It’s Important and How to Obtain It

The latest and most upgraded version of the ITIL framework is ITIL V4. ITIL V4 was developed to align all existing project plans with the framework and integrate them with the other IT ecosystem processes. This new version of ITIL is also essential because it will help organizations to increase their efficiency in terms of consistency and quality management.

ITIL V4 is a unique and valuable tool that can be used by any business or service organization because ITIL is a common understanding and shared language (language) for all the stakeholders involved, especially front-line staff. This initiative aims to ensure that all the processes are aligned with any other projects in the organization so that there are no overlapping processes across different departments.

Why is ITIL V4 Important and How to Obtain It?

Here are reasons why ITIL V4 is essential;

Ability to Manage Tasks

The ITIL V4 model is highly effective, and its implementation facilitates diversity, flexibility, agility, and a unified understanding of critical concepts. This leads to an improved ability for a group of individuals to collaborate and adapt quickly to changes in IT services needs across the enterprise. 

A sense of Openness

ITIL V4 can establish a sense of openness in any IT help desk and help on-call staff to do more than just deal with an immediate crisis. The environment and ITIL strategy can be changed, creating a continuous improvement culture that can also build new working relationships with customers.


ITIL V4 is structured to provide a common language between IT professionals and make people aware of best practices and how they fit within an enterprise. It’s also important to note that ITIL is a framework used across various industries, so it can become beneficial in any industry or sector. ITSM helps organizations manage the continuity and quality of their customers’ IT services, which can increase business revenue.

Service Continuity

ITIL V4 can also help with service continuity, including the ability to plan for and support business continuity strategies and improve IT Service Continuity’s management. It involves more than just providing a solution to fix a broken system; it also includes protecting the system from a disruption before it occurs to reduce disruptions from occurring in the first place. This can help your organization bounce back faster after an incident has occurred.

How to obtain ITIL V4 Certification

ITIL V4 is the most recent version of the ITIL framework that addresses new opportunities and global challenges. It’s important to note that ITSM professionals who want to be certified in ITIL V4 must complete several tasks before achieving their goals.

To obtain ITIL V4 certification, you must;

  • Finish ITIL V4 certification training-set needs to be completed in your own time and can be completed at various establishments. The documentation will allow you to understand how to plan, execute and measure ITIL V4 processes and procedures.
  • Take the ITIL 4 Foundation Certificationexam- This will give you a firm understanding of the ITIL 4 framework. It also includes several supporting documents and tests. 
  • Attain a score of 65% on the exam in 60 minutes. You will be needed to get 26 correct answers to the 40 questions.


ITIL V4 is considered important and necessary because it can improve the operational efficiency of existing IT systems and networks and establish a common language between stakeholders. To get ITIL v4 certification, you need to take an exam and attain a score of 65% within 60 minutes.



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