Importance of Enterprise Architecture

Importance of Enterprise Architecture

Importance of Enterprise Architecture


It is recommended that, to enrich oneself knowledge, Individuals especially IT Professionals should undertake some certifications, technology trainings or some kind of self-learning programmes. One of such certification recommended for Enterprise Architect.

What is Enterprise Architecture ®?

It’s a framework that allows businesses to design, plan, develop, and implement their business needs/requirements in structured manner complimenting to project management methodology thus enabling to achieve enterprise goals and objectives.

Importance of Enterprise Architecture

The central role of certified architects is to translate the complex and technical processes of architecture development. Through usage of structured approach, skill allows them to help organizations and businesses in developing long-term strategies. It also helps them to manage the enterprise IT Portfolio comprising services, applications & infrastructure.

Certified experts assist in building a roadmap that guides an organization based on Enterprise Architecture Framework standards. They define all aspects of technology and ensure all processes within a company run smoothly.

Their role helps to ensure there is an alignment between an organization’s goals and their technology. They oversee the life cycles of technology in a company, especially when there are new updates, versions, or changes.

Levels of Enterprise Architecture Certification

There are two levels of Enterprise Architecture certifications – Foundation and Practitioner.

Why do you need Enterprise Architecture?

As an enterprise architect, you need to know how to use the world’s leading framework, getting the certification puts you at the top of the enterprise architecture field. It gives you the skills to develop, fix, and organize your company’s infrastructure.

  1. Learn a Common Language / Body of knowledge
  2. Meet Your Organization’s Needs Better / Business Problems or needs
  3. Explore New Opportunities
  4. Improves Problem solving skills

Benefits to Enterprise/Business

The main advantage of Enterprise Architecture is that, you alter the framework to meet an organization’s needs. It’s also scalable as your team can roll it out to all other departments without heavy tweaking. 

It helps to reduce cost, time, and risk involved in the development of enterprise IT landscape. Organizations can also realize quick benefits from implementation due to improved flexibility and freedom. This allows for steady business growth and easy restructuring.

The framework is no miracle tool, but it provides the structure that teams need to implement new technologies to resolve new challenges.

This is important for organizations that are steering towards agility

Summary –

If you are an enterprise architect looking for structured approach to grow and maintain IT landscape then you should consider earning Enterprise Architecture Framework certification.



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