A Step-by-Step Guide to Enrolling in CRISC Certification Training

A Step-by-Step Guide to Enrolling in CRISC Certification Training

A Step-by-Step Guide to Enrolling in CRISC Certification Training

Suppose you are an IT professional striving for the long haul in this industry. In that case, it becomes imperative to improve your skill sets continuously and stay up-to-date with industry standards to move forward. Several certifications enable you to upskill yourself into a promotion or a better position, including the Certified Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC).

What is the CRISC certification?

An ISACA-certified credential, CRISC is a rigorous training program designed to evaluate the risk management proficiency of IT professionals within a financial institution or enterprise. CRISC certification is an earned qualification that verifies your knowledge in risk management, risk response and your ability to implement information systems control to mitigate those risks. CRISC-certified professionals aid enterprises in understanding business risks in the face of increasing cyber threats.

Domains under the CRISC curriculum

While learning the ropes of the CRISC certification, IT professionals can gather a deeper understanding of cyber security risk management and information technology risks and facilitate communication between IT groups and stakeholders to mitigate risks. The CRISC curriculum entails the following domains:

  • Introduction to IT Risk Management
  • IT Risk
  • IT Risk Assessment
  • Risk Response and Mitigation
  • Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting

How can you get started with the CRISC certification: A Guide

Here is a detailed guide on how you can enrol in the CRISC certification training program:
  • Step 1: Checking the prerequisites
    To be able to enrol for the CRISC certification, ensure you have three years of cumulative work experience in IT Risk Management and IS control as a prerequisite. The work experience must be earned within 10 years preceding the certification application date or within five years from the certification application date. No experience waivers or substitutions are allowed.
  • Step 2: Register for the CRISC certification
    Log in to MyISACA or create an account to appear for the examination. Complete and submit a CRISC application for certification. Upon registration, CRISC exam candidates have a 12-month eligibility period to take the exam. ISACA’S CRISC Certification is a computer-based exam administered at authorized PSI testing centers globally or as remotely proctored exams. Therefore, candidates can register at any time and schedule a testing appointment. The registration process requires your personal information, selecting the course dates, and making the course payment.
  • Step 3: Begin your preparation
    Put in the hours to prepare and appear for the 4-hour-long examination, which comprises 150 multiple-choice questions. An important step is to research CRISC certification training providers and review their training offerings. Choose a provider like ZOC Learnings that meet your needs. This platform guarantees a 98% pass rate, expert instructors, hands-on quality training material, and flexible training modalities, ensuring you are ready to appear for the exam.
  • Step 4: Complete the process to obtain CRISC certification
    Adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics to maintain standards for professional and personal conduct. You are also required to adhere to the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Policy.
  • Step 5: Retain your certification
    The CRISC certification has a three-year validity. To keep it, you will need to invest 60 hours per year in professional development activities. If not, you can register to retake the test.
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Benefits of being CRISC-certified

Individuals who are IT professionals, risk professionals, business analysts, project managers, compliance professionals, or control professionals are the most eligible to appear for this course. Employees and employers alike are bound to benefit from CRISC certification.


  • ISACA-accredited CRISC course is the fourth top-paying certification worldwide, with 52% on-the-job improvement.
  • The course can make you proficient in developing a foolproof agile risk management program, which can increase your value to employers and boost your earning potential.
  • Enhance your career prospects. Find CRISC-related job opportunities in roles such as security risk strategist, IT security analyst, information security analyst, technology risk analyst, and IT audit risk supervisor.
  • You stand to gain a globally-recognized certification and credibility in a competitive job market.
  • Maintain your CRISC certification to stay current and gain education credits.

Tips on getting exam-ready

The best way to prepare for the exam is to familiarize yourself with the domains and create a structured study plan.

  • Understand the abovementioned exam format to familiarize yourself with the types of questions you can expect to encounter.
  • ISACA publishes the CRISC Review Manual, a comprehensive guide to the CRISC exam.
  • Refer to study guides, case studies, and question and answer manuals, and appear for mock tests.
  • Set aside regular study times and allocate enough time to review each domain thoroughly.
  • Ask questions and clear your doubts before you take the CRISC exam. Reach out to experts in the field or trainers who can assist you. Connect with a community of learners to gain insights and perspectives.
  • As you get closer to the exam date, take practice exams to gauge your readiness. This practice can help you identify areas you need to improve and a sense of what to expect on the actual exam.

Unlock a future replete with endless opportunities with the CRISC certification. For more information on the training course, click here to connect with an expert at ZOC Learnings right away!


Q1: How do I enroll in CRISC Certification Training?

A1: To enroll in CRISC Certification Training, visit our website and click on the “Enroll Now” button on the CRISC Certification Training page. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.

Q2: What are the prerequisites for CRISC Certification Training?

A2: The prerequisites for CRISC Certification Training typically include a minimum of three years of work experience in IT risk management and passing the CRISC exam. Please check the specific requirements on our website for the most up-to-date information.

Q3: How long does it take to complete CRISC Certification Training?

A3: The duration of CRISC Certification Training can vary depending on the program you choose and your prior knowledge. On average, it takes about three to six months to complete the training, including preparation for the CRISC exam.

Q4: What study materials are provided in CRISC Certification Training?

A4: In CRISC Certification Training, you will receive comprehensive study materials, including textbooks, practice exams, and access to online resources. These materials are designed to help you prepare thoroughly for the CRISC exam.

Q5: Can I access CRISC Certification Training from anywhere in the world?

A5: Yes, our CRISC Certification Training is available online, allowing you to access the course from anywhere with an internet connection. You can study at your own pace and convenience.



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