What are the Benefits of CISM certification?

What are the Benefits of CISM certification?

What are the Benefits of CISM certification?

benefits of cism certification

Looking for the benefits of pursuing CISM Certification? Then, you’re on the right page!

Certified Information Security Manager(CISM) is for the professionals of IT security and development. Cyber information plays a key role in maintaining confidentiality and enhancing the growth of a business and an individual. Hence it is highly in demand. The need of the hour is to analyse the risk, fix technical loopholes, formulate and ideate the information security management. Technically, the top companies hire those who have the potential calibre and credibility to excel in IS audit, control and security domains. So, how would you stand out in the crowd to be the best choice? Well, the CISM Certification benefits the professionals to provide necessary skills and guidance. It will boost their careers and earn high profile job titles.

Do you have a confusion between New Projects and Career Switch? Then, CISM certification is the best magic tool. It can accelerate your career as an information security professional. To know why let us first brief you about CISM Certification.

What is CISM Certification?

Certified Information Security Manager(CISM) Certification is a bonafide certification for senior company executives, IT Managers, information security professionals, IT software system developers, application developers, and IT auditors. It is for professionals in the field of Information Security to earn reputable honorarium and career prosperity. CISM Certification is an Information Security certification under the governing body ISACA, designed to imbibe required managerial skills and knowledge in ambitious professionals of IT security.

Reasons to take up CISM Certification

Let’s now test how long it takes for us to convince you. So, here’s the 3 W’s which will explain why CISM Certification is the right choice for you:

  • What are the benefits of CISM Certification?
  • When is the best time to apply for CISM Certification?
  • Whom will the CISM benefit?

What are the benefits of CISM Certification?

A risk-taker is a great maker. Every opportunity comes with a risk, but the motivation is the worth and long-term benefits. After all, IT is all about risk and management. So, CISM Certification is the toolkit for aspiring professionals to lay the groundwork.

It is a human tendency to browse through the key benefits before indulging in any course or certification. So, here’s a list of why CISM Certification benefits are better than others:

benefits of cism certification
1. Advancement in Career

CISM Certified professionals establish sheer confidence in employers, portraying themselves as learned and knowledgeable individuals with practical knowledge and certification in security and management. This eventually leads to growth in the career in terms of job titles, additional shouldered responsibilities and reverence in the industry, and a competitive job environment.

2. Global Recognition

CISM Certification is a globally recognised and revered certification in the IT Industry. Since ANSI has approved the CISM certification under ISO/IEC 17024:2012, it upholds the value and acceptance of the certification as per the International Standard. So, another benefit of CISM Certification can apply to various positions and companies across the nations.

3. Strong and Effective Networking

Through the availability of myriad resources and networking opportunities, individuals develop strong and effective communication and networking skills, which further help them maintain the hierarchy of the organization and provide excellent expert advice to boost up the team’s morale.

4. Salary Increment:

CISM Certified Professional get a high-pay salary as their value of certification speaks for them. According to the research, professionals with CISM Certification earn $82,237 more a year than their colleagues without CISM Certification. It is worth noting that the average CISM certification salary is approximately $51,881/year. Also, 48% of CISM certified information security professionals receive appraisals in their salary within a year.

5. Skill and Personality Development

CISM Certification benefits the professionals to develop versatile features and skills in their ongoing certification process. This further aid them and the company to compete in the global market through diplomatic and critical decisions and strategies. The skills in security management and risk-related management are further honed that convert those professionals to experts who single-handedly can turn the tables of the organization.

When is the best time to apply for CISM Certification?

Honestly, there is no right time to start something good for your career and clearly, CISM Certification stands out the best. It offers the professionals appropriate knowledge and guidance with practical applicability techniques to drive the organization to new heights. So, if you’re a Senior Company Executive, IT Manager, information security professional, IT software system developer, application developer or IT auditor, then you have to look forward to being CISM Certified soon.

Whom will the CISM benefit?

CISM Certification is a win-win game for both the professionals and the organization as it strives to instil responsibilities and skills related to Information Technology such as security, governance, risk management, development and incident management, etc. which ultimately aid the company’s development, positions and growth.

CISM Certification benefits to Professionals
  • Professionals attain the required skills and credibility to track the threats to the data of the company and take a background check to protect and update the security management system to prevent data loss and costly data recovery of the company.
  • CISM Certification proves that the professional acquires certified skills to perform security-check and risk analysis further undertaking security system design by using necessary tools to maintain secure networks and protect data storage. It also ensures that the professionals are well-verse with access to critical assets such as peer systems management and thought trade.
  • CISM Certified professionals are made fit to improve and improvise the organization’s information security programme, elaborating the potential business ideas and strategies to step up in the IT industry game.
CISM Certification benefits to Organization
  • Hiring individuals with practical policymaking and implementation ability is a boon for the company. It assists them in ensuring that the information security policies fall in place with proper maintenance and monitoring.
  • CISM Certified professionals are assets to the company who reduce, regulate and revamp the policies and risk barriers for smooth functioning of the company and at the same time, build trust and reputation.
  • Companies can rely on and affirm the credibility of such certified employees who take up critical, analytical and departmental decisions in the security domain of the organization.
  • CISM Certified individuals are the essential human resources of the Company who can effectively take up necessary decisions to control and manage risk related key areas.
  • Certified Individuals also act as the motivational factor that influences other employees of the Company to work to the best of their ability and potential. This further invokes productivity and leads to team efficiency in the company.
benefits of cism certification

The job titles on your way after completing CISM Certification

Excellence in the career is directly proportional to the job titles you behold in an organization. And, it is noteworthy that CISM Certification adds worth to your title. Professionals are promoted to reputed titles by the company to cater the hierarchical management, development security and effective policies enforcement. The gateway of positions that are awaiting your CISM Certification completion are:

  • Security Consultants
  • Security Managers
  • IT Directors
  • IT Managers
  • Security Auditors
  • Security Architects
  • CISOs
  • Risk Officers
  • Security System Engineers
  • Information Security Managers
  • Information Risk Compliance Specialist
  • Chief Information Officer


So, if you’re still not convinced (we highly doubt that), you can read about the CISM curriculum to know why it’s a great fit for you. Even though ample certifications are available in the market, going for CISM Certification is the right choice for you as an Information Security professional. Although there could be thousands of reasons to NOT choose CISM Certification (well, thankfully there are none), one good reason is enough for you to avail the career benefits of CISM Certification. So, choose your good reason! And choose CISM Certification! Click on the form to your left and let us help you out to take the first step.

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