What is TOGAF and how to become TOGAF Certified?

What is TOGAF and how to become TOGAF Certified?

What is TOGAF and how to become TOGAF Certified?

What TOGAF® 9 Certification Training Actually is?

TOGAF® 9 expands to “The Open Group Architecture Framework.” Essentially, it is both a methodology for the field of IT Architecture and an industry-standard framework.

TOGAF® 9 was established in 1995 by The Open Group.

Completing the TOGAF® 9 certification training will ensure that you or/and your business(es) are complying with the industrial centers of IT architecture.

IT architecture is rapidly moving forward and is only likely to continue this advancement as new technology develops. Earning your TOGAF® 9 certification can demonstrate that you are using the highest-level approach to design itself, among your clients.

Some firms and architects can only get access to certain consultancy services and design tools with a TOGAF® 9 certification.

This training comprises of passing a two-part exam after completion of a certified training course. Anyone can take this course without any specific pre-requisites.

However, you need to pass both the exams to obtain your TOGAF® 9 certification.

Most students choose to obtain their TOGAF® 9 certification by applying for an accelerated course. This implies studying materials at both the foundation and the certified level.

Where Will you Get your TOGAF® 9 certification?

You can opt to self-study for the TOGAF® 9 exams or go for a training course.Make sure that you look upon thetraining sessions that are getting offered in your area of interest. You can even explorein-house pieces of training, provided that you belong to the appropriate area.

Remember that there is an associated cost of obtaining your TOGAF® 9 training. Training itself doesn’t provide you your certification. You require passing the two exams themselves for achieving your full certification. The length and type of training you choose will depend upon the levels you wish to study (certified, foundation, or both). It will also depend upon the amount of time you wish to take for completing the course.

Self-study programs often imply that you can move through the two TOGAF® 9 levels rapidly on your own time. The training session, either out-of-house or in-house, may operate at a completely different schedule.

Make sure that you identify your needs for obtaining your certification before you opt for a study course. It is also important to assure that you can afford the fee.

What Is there on the TOGAF® 9 exams?

The TOGAF® 9 exam comprises of two parts. The Level 1 part asks 40 questions that need to be completed within 60 minutes. These questions are based on multiple-choice; you need to answer 55% correctly for passing the exam.

The Open Group says that Level 1 aims at testing architects’ knowledge of the basic concepts and terminology of TOGAF® 9. Architects passing this level will officially demonstrate that they have an understanding of the core principles of Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF.

Level 2 has eight scenario questions to ask that needs to be completed within 90 minutes.

The Open Group says that Level 2 goes beyond testing the comprehension and basic knowledge of TOGAF® 9 principles. It is designed to test candidates’ ability to analyze and applying knowledge of TOGAF.

Once you step on to Level 2, you cannot move back and change your answers submitted for Level 1.

There are chances that you will have to appear for both of these exams in the electronic format, much like a lot of other professional certification and graduation exams.

Both TOGAF® 9 exams have an interest in your ability to apply your knowledge of the TOGAF® 9 documentation. Level 2 specifically asks about the appropriate method of responding to specific scenarios in an architectural setting.

How to do Preparation for the Exam?

The best way of preparing to obtain your TOGAF® 9 certification is going for the training itself. A training course can equip you with all the tools that are required to succeed on the exam on your first try.

It will even help you become fluent in TOGAF® 9 documentation and the exam’s language itself. Most course fees will include the cost of the exams themselves as well.

While many people prefer the self-study version of TOGAF® 9 training, live training courses are also highly recommended. These will give you a chance of using your instructors and peers as resources, ensuring that you get all of your questions answered right.

Some training courses are much more comprehensive as compared to others, particularly the ones that offer in-person meetings.

You may feel like supplementing your exam preparations through independent studies. The internet is home to many such articles that can give you pro tips about obtaining your TOGAF® 9 certification.

One of the best methods of preparing for your TOGAF® 9 exam is, obviously, practice. Many courses will offer free practice exams from the very beginning.

Other Important Things

If you fail to clear your TOGAF® 9 exam, then you have to wait for at least one month before applying for it again. Yet, there is no such limit to the number of times you take these tests.

Still, many architects balk at the idea of getting their TOGAF® 9 certification in multiple attempts. The best way of knocking it out of the park in the first attempt is by ensuring that you have the correct training underfoot.

You can even become a trainer for TOGAF® 9 once you complete your certification.

Conclusion: TOGAF® 9 Certification Training

Getting your TOGAF® 9 certification training can be quite straightforward, provided you know what to expect. A TOGAF® 9 certification can also become invaluable for your career as an architect, particularly in Enterprise Architecture.

The best way of boosting your understanding of both the TOGAF® 9 exams is by enrolling in a live training course. These courses can make sure that you have prepared for both levels of the exam so that you can earn your certification in the first go.



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