Training for Corporates

For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.
– Benjamin Franklin

It is no myth that there exists a wide skills gap between what is learned in classrooms and what is required on the job. When an employee is recruited or an existing one is promoted to a higher responsibility position, it is hard to transition into the new role.

Corporate Training - Zoc Tech

On average, it takes about 3 years for a professional to get seasoned for a job role.

In this journey, a lot of unquantifiable productivity and revenue is lost by the company. This is a huge intangible cost to a company, a cost much higher than the investment required to upskill the workforce. Here's where corporate training steps in to bridge the gap.

Job roles today are constantly evolving. Corporate personnel must have clarity about their job roles and also realize their dormant capabilities to ready them for greater challenges. From time to time, all kinds of personnel require training in different domains of work, be it communication, leadership, motivation, regulatory awareness, or technical skills. Constant corporate training is necessary to maintain the consistency of a well-performing organization. Needless to mention the extent to which an under-performing organization can profit from such trainings.

The benefits?

Increased efficiency

Increased motivation and ambition

Improved communication

Better productivity

Higher company turnover

Increased employee retention

Healthy corporate culture

Why choose us?

Our comprehensive training programs, comprising of meticulously developed curriculum, simulations, drills, and games, are designed to transform employees at all levels into high-quality professionals.

With our highly qualified trainers having rich professional, technical, and pedagogical experience, coupled with our best-in-class training infrastructure, we provide cathartic coaching for successful corporate careers. Our trainers apply creative, non-conventional methods of instruction, ensuring full interactive participation and retention, at the same time, making the training a pleasant and memorable experience.

Our training formats

Classroom-based training by expert instructors

Online training - instructor-led or self-paced

Blended learning using a combination of both classroom and online training formats

On-site instructor-led training

We also provide tailor-made training for specific requirements of companies.

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