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Tailor-made/ Customized Training

ZOC Technologies' tailor-made training program specifically aims to improve the overall functioning of users by training a selected group on specific topics and/or skills.


A tailor-made training is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the requesting organisation. The client sets the objectives, topics, location, course length, and the number of participants. Moreover, the client assesses with ZOC which items are emphasised during the course. ZOC sends the final training content to the client for approval and delivery.

For whom?

Our tailor-made training program suits any organisation where there are several users. It is our experience that you need at least a group of 6 people.

Type of Activities Cover

Theory & hands-on practical labs

interactive sessions

Technical assistance provided beforehand

Knowledge Checks And Assessments

Integrate Gamification Into Training

Hands-On Learning Through Extended Reality

Polling, Breakout Rooms, And Q&As.

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