Introduction TOGAF’s ADM Life cycle plays pivotal role in building enterprise architecture enabling to satisfy business and IT requirements of the enterprise. The TOGAF professional helps with developing and managing a company’s architecture and to form the base of TOGAF. To do this, the ADM is tailored according to the organisation’s needs and objectives.  Understanding […]

Four Pillars Of TOGAF – First Pillar – Business Architecture

Introduction TOGAF – Enterprise Architecture Framework has four types of Architectures elements or components namely – Business Architecture, Data, Application & Technology. [BDAT] These four types of Architectures elements are connected to ADM. ADM, the architecture development method [ADM], has three phases where the B (business), D (data), A (application) and T (technology) architectures are […]

Importance of TOGAF

Introduction It is recommended that, to enrich oneself knowledge, Individuals especially IT Professionals should undertake some certifications, technology trainings or some kind of self-learning programmes. One of such certification recommended for Enterprise Architects is TOGAF® – The Open Group Architecture Framework. It is an advanced approach to design that enterprise architects frequently use. What is […]