Training for Corporates

Did you know that 90% of your chances to land an interview for your dream job depends on the quality of your Résumé?

Look at your Résumé as a TV advertisement. You are the product. You have to sell your competences in the job market. Literally 10 seconds of a busy employer’s time is all you have to make an impression. Most employers would not even turn to the second page if the first is not appealing enough. It’s a make or break situation! And what’s more? There’s no one foolproof formula to make ideal Résumés for every job type.

Training for Corporates
  1. And why candidates with the most impressionable Résumés who do land a job interview, do not get the job?

    Because it’s all about balance. A well written Résumé, after all, is not enough if your personal interaction doesn’t match up. And what’s more, even for interviews, there’s no one foolproof formula for all job types.

  2. On an average, a job interview lasts 40 minutes. But, within the first 2 minutes or so, the interviewer will have already made a decision whether or not to hire you.

What it takes?

A Résumé is a reflection of your entire personality on paper and an interview, its in-person manifestation.

Résumé writing and interviewing is an art requiring careful thought process, method and intuition. It is also a matter of personal touch. What is takes is knowing what the employer needs and wants, knowledge of work areas of the job profile, being aware of your capabilities as well as your limitations, having realistic expectations from yourself and the job market, keeping a targeted approach, balancing advantages and disadvantages and not losing your core personality in the process of influencing the prospective employer. All this in turn needs extensive research into the target organization and your own domain of knowledge. Keeping all these factors in mind, a good Résumé and an impactful performance in the job interview needs planning.

Why you need us?

Our experts having a rich coaching experience in Résumé writing, interview skills and related domains, will guide you through this meticulous process. Our customized services will help you put in perspective all that you need to break into your preferred professional path.

What you will learn

The difference between a CV and a Résumé and how each one is drafted - structure, format, key words, wording, arrangement
Preparation of effective cover letters and emails for job searches
How to customize and “tweak” Résumés based on different types of job opportunities
Creating, presenting and curating professional profiles on networking sites like LinkedIn and using them for job search
Strategic establishment and growth of professional networks
Using different types of job hunting platforms.
Presentation, body language, effective speaking skills, guidance in research and technical preparation for different stages and types of job interviews.
Post interview actions - follow up, completing recruitment formalities.
Analysis of past experiences and targeted improvement for a successful future

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