Program Management Professional (PgMP)®

Course Overview

Want to explore what lies beyond Project Management? PMI-USA’s Program Management Professional (PgMP) Certification awaits you with just what you need to advance onto Program Management. Harness your multitasking and finest management skills to unlock endless opportunities to move up the management hierarchy. With the scale and number of projects ever surging, organizations today are on a constant lookout for professionals with abilities and knowledge to become the connecting thread between projects and subprograms and effect their successful culmination. PgMP from PMI is the gold standard that will propel you to the forefront in the job market and in your organization alike.

Course duration

  • 4 days of classroom based lectures with e-learning facility;
  • Includes experience based training through games, simulations and exam preparation through mock tests.

Who should attend?

Project Managers, Team Managers, Project Sponsors, Portfolio Managers and Project Management Office members in any kind of organization.

Course path:

The course includes an in-depth study of the 5 Domains of Program Management as follows:

  1. Strategic Program Management;
  2. Program Life Cycle:
    • Initiating,
    • Planning,
    • Executing,
    • Controlling, and
    • Closing.
  3. Benefits Management;
  4. Stakeholder Management; and
  5. Governance.

Pre-requisites for the course and eligibility for exam:

  1. A four-years bachelor’s degree or a global equivalent,
  2. Minimum 4 years (48 months, i.e., 6,000 hours) of unique, hands-on, non-overlapping, professional experience in Project Management, and
  3. Minimum 4 years (48 months, i.e., 6,000 hours) of unique, hands-on, non-overlapping, professional experience in each of the 5 domains of Program Management.


  1. A secondary degree, i.e., a high school diploma or an associate’s degree or a global equivalent,
  2. Minimum 4 years (48 months, i.e., 6,000 hours) of unique, hands-on, non-overlapping, professional experience in Project Management, and
  3. Minimum 7 years (84 months, i.e., 10,500 hours) of unique, hands-on, non-overlapping, professional experience in each of the 5 domains of Program Management.

Exam format

  • The exam is sat online either through CBT (Center Based Testing) at a testing center or through an online proctor at a place of the candidate’s convenience.
  • A paper based exam may be applied for under limited circumstances.
  • The exam duration is 4 hours (240 minutes) with 170 multiple choice questions to be answered out of which 20 questions are pretest questions and are not used to score the candidate.
  • In case of online exams, the result is declared immediately. Results can be viewed online for up to 10 days from the date of exam.
  • Certificates are usually received within 6 to 8 weeks after passing the exam.
  • The minimum passing percentage is not disclosed by PMI.


Q. Where is the CBT exam conducted?
A. In India, the CBT exams are conducted at the PMI approved Pearson VUE Testing Centers at Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Q. Under what circumstances can I sit the paper-based exam?
A. PMI allows you to opt for PBT (paper based testing) strictly under the following two circumstances:

1. If you live outside a radius of 240 km from a Pearson VUE testing center; or

2. A Pearson VUE testing center is not available in your country.

However, it is strongly recommended that you opt for the online proctored testing at a place of your convenience.

Q. For how long is the certification valid?
A. The certification is valid for 3 years.

Q. How do I renew / maintain my PgMP certification?
A. In order to maintain the PgMP Certification, you have to earn 60 PDU’s (Professional Development Units) by the end of the validity period of 3 years.

Q. What is a PDU and how to earn them?
A. A Professional Development Unit (PDU) is a unit of measuring one’s professional development earned by continuous self-education like attending seminars, webinars, events, online courses, creating content for students / professionals or by expanding work experience. One hour of such activities undertaken by a candidate earns him/her one PDU.

Q. What happens if I do not achieve 60 PDU’s within 3 years?
A. In that case, your certification remains suspended for a period of one year from the date of its expiry. Within this suspension period, you must complete the CCR (Continuing Certification Requirement) of 60 PDU’s.

Q. What happens if I do not fulfill CCR even within the suspension period?
A. In that case, your certification expires and you shall have to reapply.

Q. Is it mandatory to attend a course in order to sit the exam?
A. No, training is not mandatory. But, owing to the high standards set by PMI, it is strongly advised that a formal training be taken in addition to self-study. We provide very detailed and comprehensive coaching to our candidates through real life experiences, simulations, games and thorough exam preparation to make sure they pass the exam in the first attempt.

Q. Is the course fee inclusive of exam fee and cost of study material?
A. The course fee covers the cost of study material and training kit, but NOT the exam fee.

Q. What is the exam fee?
A. The exam fee charged by PMI is US$ 800 for members of PMI and US$ 1000 for non-members.

Q. Is the PMI membership necessary?
A. No, the PMI membership is not necessary to acquire its certifications. However, subscribing to the membership entails many benefits including discounts in exam fees.

Q. How do I apply for the exam?

  • You may apply for the exam on the PMI website by submitting a PgMP application form after filling out all the necessary information, including details of experience.
  • PMI then reviews your application which takes up to 10 working days.
  • Upon approval, you will have to make payment of the exam fee.
  • A Panel Review of your experience takes place by world renowned experts in Program Management, which takes about 4 weeks.
  • Upon passing the Panel Review, you remain eligible to sit the exam for a period of one year thereafter.
  • PMI will send you an email setting out instructions to schedule an appointment to sit the exam.

Q. What documents will I need to submit with my application?
A. You do not need to submit any documentation along with the application. However, if your application gets picked up for a random audit, you will have to submit documentation which may include educational certificates and attestations in the experience verification sections. The eligibility period of one year does not begin until your application successfully passes the audit.

Q. How many number of attempts are allowed to pass the certification exam?
A. You have a maximum of 3 attempts to pass the certification exam within the eligibility period of one year.

Q.What will happen if my eligibility period expires without me passing the exam?
A. In that case, you shall have to re-apply.