Google Cloud Training Course

Google Cloud Platform was another high-quality product delivered from Google. GCP has took part in the cloud competition in 2011 and developed at incredible rate growing from a niche to competitors of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Google Cloud Certification demonstrates the candidate’s skills and abilities in transforming organization technology into Google cloud domain.


With rapid growth in cloud computing technology organizations are migrating their business to cloud platform raising huge demand to certified cloud professionals. Google offers the following various level and role-based certifications.

Google Cloud Platform


Associate Cloud Engineer

Associate Cloud Engineer is only one associate level certification which validates the skills to deploy applications, monitors operations and manages business solutions. Candidates needs to demonstrate their skills on Google Cloud console and the command line interface to perform common platform-based tasks and to manage Google provided solutions in Google Cloud.


Professional Cloud Architect

This certification is aimed at cloud architects who want to use GCP to create complex cloud solutions and services

Professional Cloud Developer

Professional Cloud Developer certification is intended for Software developers who create scalable full-stack applications on GCP. The candidate must be familiar with a programming language and experienced in stack driver to create meaningful metrics and protocols for debugging and tracking code.

Professional Data Engineer

Professional Data Engineer certification enables data engineers to demonstrate their skills in designing and building machine learning models to collect and process data from GCP

Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification validates the ability of the candidates to use the Google Cloud Platform to create software delivery pipelines, deploy and monitor services, and manage and learn from events.

Professional Cloud Security Engineer

The Professional Cloud Security certification is aimed at security engineers who want to set up, implement and maintain security services and who want to secure their company’s cloud infrastructure using GCP security technologies

Professional Cloud Network Engineer

Professional Cloud Network Engineer is intended for network cloud engineers in demonstrating their ability to create, implement and manage network architectures on GCP.

Professional Collaboration Engineer

Professional Collaboration Engineer Certification is aimed to test the candidate’s knowledge on organization’s mail routing and identity management infrastructure to enable efficient and secure communication and data access.

Associate Certification Exam Details

  • Multiple choice questions & Multi Select Questions
  • 120 minutes time duration
  • No specific Prerequisites
  • Minimum 6 months hands on experience on GCP is recommended

Professional Certification Exam Details

  • Multiple choice questions & Multi Select Questions
  • 120 minutes time duration
  • No specific Prerequisites
  • Minimum 3 years’ Industry experience & one year in designing and managing solutions on GCP is recommended


All Google Cloud Certifications are valid for 2 years and the candidates are requested to recertify in order to maintain their certification