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Zoc Technologies Is A Global Staffing Solutions Provider To IT Companies. We Are In Providing Manpower Support For Permanent Staffing And Contract Hiring At Few Of The Largest Corporations In India. The Manpower Services Offered To The Clients Involve The Entire Staffing Needs Of The Company For Its Office In India As Well As Outsideindia In Countries Like Japan, UK And US.

We Provide A Wide Array Of Staffing Solutions And Services To The IT Industry. Having A Clientele Including Virtually Few Of The Top 50 Companies Of The World, We Are Confident Of Owning The Responsibility Of Providing Emancipated IT Manpower Solutions And Consulting Services.

Trusted Advisors

Today, the costs, logistics and legal tightrope associated with hiring temporary labour in our country has compelled companies to outsource these services to trust and dependable contract staffing firms. Zoc can be your company's partner in this regard. The quality of our services as well as our focus on statutory compliances will allow your company's top management to focus on more pressing strategic issues.

We also provide value added services at an affordable cost to respond to new demands of the organization. Zoc Staffing Solutions is a highly trusted name within the Indian industry and offers our clients for End to End HR solutions.

  • Procedure Recommendation
    Specific ITSM Process design & documentation shall be done with the support of already established teams.
  • Mission Guidance

    Our ITSM consultant can link with you at any part of the project lifecycle to improve the existing ITSM system.

  • Calculated Management

    Senior ITSM professionals within the organization can be guided trained on planned initiatives such as: policy making, IT governance & design.

Accomplish Results That Matter

Better alignment of business and IT, improved quality of IT service, having higher availability of business critical applications, achievement of regulatory compliance while adding business value, organizations should reach their right destination.ZOC ITSM Consulting services enables to solve all of the Service Management related challenges of an Organization.

At ZOC our utmost goal is to assist and advise organizations to turn their knowledge of ITSM practices into significant results. We have learned critical lessons on how to do this from the various organizations we have worked with. Based on this practical experience we have developed an approach that can be right sized to your organization's objectives and resources.

ZOC's ITSM Transformation Approach

In our view you need to take a full transformation lifecycle approach to translate ITSM knowledge into meaningful and valuable results.

How We Do It

ZOC quickly moves into the configuration phase working side by side with your appointed Service Now administrators to bring you into a transformed, integrated, and organized ITSM world.
Our implementation methodology is simple:

1. Plan

2. Design

3. Build

4. Test

5. Release

Our Areas of Specialization

Banking & Financial Services

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Technology & IT

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Sales & Account Management

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Manufacturing Staffing

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Support Functions

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BPO Recruitment

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HR Recruitment

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Analytics & Data Sciences

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Our Services

Permanent Staffing

We provide a panel of Technology Experts whose services can be utilized to conduct the technical interviews with an objective to assess the technical interview of the candidate as per the requirement of client.

Contract Staffing

We provide candidates on a Project to Project basis on Deployment where the candidates are on the payroll of Zoc Technologies working at the client site - on deployment.

Contract to hire

We provide candidates on deployment to the clients, based on the candidate's performance the candidate can be hired by the client, at the end of the contract period.

Assessment services

We provide a panel of Technology Experts whose services can be utilized to conduct the technical interviews with an objective to assess the technical interview of the candidate as per the requirement of client.

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