Cyber Security Certification Course

With the unprecedented growth of IT and the rate at which organizations across the board, including government, are adopting the latest technology for their day-to-day operations, it is safe to say that cybersecurity is an indispensable part of our lives. Information Technology is highly prone to security threats and the smallest breach is enough to dismantle the workings of many services. In the past few years, India has been on the radar of cybersecurity offenders in the world. The need for highly competent cybersecurity professionals in India is on the rise and the requirement will soon cross over a million. And the good news is that one does not need to be versed in IT to pursue a career in cybersecurity. Which is why our Cyber Security Certification course is the one for you.

Our course is designed for all classes of individuals who want to gain an in-depth understanding of cybersecurity and those wishing to make a career in it. Since cybersecurity is pivotal to all sectors, professionals from all sectors can take this course.

Cyber Security

After getting ZOC certified, you will place yourself at the heart of the IT employment market with unlimited, lucrative opportunities to work in the positions of Security Analyst, Network Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst & Manager, Forensic Analyst, Security Tester and so on. So, whether or not you are an IT professional, and/or looking to make a career shift, this domain will not fail you in chasing an exciting career with high earnings.

Who should attend?

  • Software Developers,
  • Network Administrators / Engineers,
  • System Administrators / Engineers,
  • Security Administrators / Engineers,
  • Hardware Engineers,
  • Solution Architects,
  • General IT Technicians.
  • BFSI professionals,
  • Business Analysts,
  • Healthcare professionals,
  • Legal professionals,
  • Marketing professionals,
  • Sales professionals,
  • Consultants & Researchers.
  • Recent IT graduates,
  • mid-career IT professionals,
  • career changers.


  • Candidates must be graduates.
  • Candidates coming from non-IT sectors are recommended to have 1+ years of experience in their respective fields.
  • Basic knowledge of networking, cloud, or a programming language will prove beneficial but is not mandatory.

Course Curriculum

Our course curriculum is meticulously designed to aid individuals from all walks of life to thoroughly understand and master cybersecurity.

Course packages

Online self-paced learning

  • Lifetime access to the course content including tests
  • Books and other study material provided
  • Assistance from our trainers during business hours
  • Inclusive of projects, simulations, and case studies
  • Guidance in Cyber Security career building and post-certification job search assistance

Blended learning

  • Self-paced learning package
    • Access to the course content & tests;
    • Books and other study material;
    • Assistance from trainers;
    • Projects, simulations, and case studies,
    • Complimentary career & job search guidance
  • 6 months' access to live instructor-led online lectures with convenient timings to choose from

Corporate learning

Customized to your requirements
  • Price and duration is determined as per company requirements
  • Inclusive of everything in self-paced and blended learning packages
  • Dedicated portals and interface for corporate teams and individuals


Candidates will be awarded our industry-recognized ZOC Technologies Certificate after successful completion of the course.

ZOC Certificate


Module 01 - Assessing Information Security Risk

  • Topic A – Identify the Importance of Risk Management
  • Topic B – Assess Risk
  • Topic C – Mitigate Risk
  • Topic D – Integrate Documentation into Risk Management
  • Course Review Quiz
  • Course Workbook

Module 02 - Analyzing the Threat Landscape

  • Topic A – Classify Threats & Threat Profile
  • Topic B: Perform ongoing Threat Research

Course 03 - Analyzing Reconnaissance Threats to Computing and Network Environments

  • Topic A: Implement Threat Modeling
  • Topic B: Asess the impact of Reconnaissance Incidents
  • Topic C: Asess the impact of Social Engineering

Course 04 - Analyzing Attacks on Computing and Network Environments

  • Topic A: Assess the impact of System Hacking Attacks
  • Topic B: Assess the impact of Web-Based Attacks
  • Topic C: Asess the impact of Malware
  • Topic D: Asess the impact of Hijacking and impersonation Attacks
  • Topic E: Asess the impact of DoD Incidents
  • Topic F : Asesss the Impact of Threats to Mobile Security
  • Topic G: Asess the impact of Threats to Cloud Security

Course 05 - Analyzing Post-Attack Techniques

  • Topic A : Assess Command and Control Techniques
  • Topic B : Assess Persistence Techniques
  • Topic C : Assess Lateral Movement and Pivoting Techniques
  • Topic D : Assess Data Exfiltration Techniques
  • Topic E : Assess Anti-Forensics Techniques

Course 06 - Evaluating the Organization’s Security Posture

  • Topic A: Conduct Vulnerability Assessments
  • Topic B: Conduct Penetration Tests on Network Assets
  • Topic C : Follow up on Penetration Testing

Course 07 - Collecting Cybersecurity Intelligence

  • Topic A : Deploy a Security Intelligence Collection and Analysis Platform
  • Topic B : Collect Data from Network Based Intelligence Sources
  • Topic C : Collect Data from Host Based Intelligence Sources

Course 08 - Analyzing Log Data

  • Topic A : Use Common Tools to Analyze Logs
  • Topic B : Use SIEM Tools for Analysis
  • Topic C : Parse Log Files with Regular Expressions

Course 09 - Performing Active Asset and Network Analysis

  • Topic A : Analyze Incidents with Windows-Based Tools
  • Topic B: Analyze Incidents with Linux-Based Tools
  • Topic C: Analyse Malware
  • Topic D : Analyze Indictors of Compromise

Course 10 - Responding to Cybersecurity Incidents

  • Topic A : Deploy an incident Handling and Response Architecture
  • Topic B : Mitigate Incidents
  • Topic C : Prepare for Forensic Investigation as a CSIRT

Course 11 - Investigating Cybersecurity Incidents

  • Topic A : Apply a Forensic Investigation Plan
  • Topic B : Securely Collect and Analyze Electronic Evidence
  • Topic C : Follow Up on the results of an Investigation

Not happy with the course?

100% Money Back Guarantee

We believe in providing impactful, result-oriented training and we place great value on the trust, time, and money that our clients invest in us.

If after completion of the course, you are not happy with our service, you may contact us within 7 days of purchase of the course and we will remit a refund of the entire course fee*.

*Refund amount is subject to the deduction of a cancellation fee, administrative expenses, and terms and conditions mentioned in the refund policy.


Is the course price inclusive of GST?

Yes, the course prices are inclusive of GST.

Do you provide any discounts and an EMI facility?

Yes, discounts and EMI facilities can be made available in some cases. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Who are your trainers?

We have a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced trainers who are experts in their fields. You may check our team of trainers here.

Will there be an exam at the end of the course?

No, there will not be an exam at the end of the course. Candidates are rigorously evaluated on a periodical basis during the course by way of tests, simulations, and hands-on experience in handling real-life projects. Only upon satisfactorily passing all evaluations, we shall award the certificate.

Can I opt-out of some modules in the course curriculum?

Yes, you may opt-out of/skip attending or learning certain modules. But the course fee shall remain the same and the requirement to take all tests, simulations and projects will still be binding with no exceptions.

How can I contact the trainers if I have doubts during self-paced learning?

Upon registration, you will be given access to the contact details of our trainers whom you can contact and ask your queries at a mutually agreeable time which may be fixed between you and the trainer.

Is the course curriculum inclusive of the syllabus of all major certification exams of international accrediting bodies? Will it prepare me to sit these exams?

The course largely covers the important domains of popular certification exams like CEH, CompTIA Security+, CISM, CCSP, etc. However, specific assistance in preparing for and sitting one or more of these exams is not included in the course. You may check other courses from ZOC specially targeted for these certification exams.

Will I get a refund if I want to discontinue the course in between?

We provide a 100% money-back guarantee in case of customer dissatisfaction only after completion of the entire course. If you decide to discontinue the course in between without completing it, you shall be refunded only a proportionate amount and subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in our refund policy.

What if I am unhappy with the career guidance and job assistance provided by ZOC?

Since these services are complimentary, the refund policy will not apply. You may choose not to avail of these services. If you do avail of them, no extra amount will be charged. For more information on the extent of these services vis-à-vis the present course, please get in touch with us.

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Cyber Security Course