Corporate Therapist

In spite of putting every possible measure in place, are you achieving the desired level of productivity in your organization? Ever wondered that maybe the solution doesn’t always lie in numbers?

To tally your human resource balance sheet, it’s about time you address the elephant in the room. Invest in the most undervalued asset of human productivity: mental health

Corporate Therapy - Zoc Tech

The problem?

From the top to the bottom, organizations are run by people at all levels. And people are prone to emotional and mental distress. Of course, it is reasonable to expect that one doesn’t mix personal struggles with work and it is, in fact, an ideal professional attribute. One is expected to push his/her boundaries at all fronts. But, not all of life’s challenges are controllable.

Today, this idealist notion affects 80% of India’s corporate workforce in all sectors and has driven many to resort to desperate measures to live upto it.

Employees’ internal conflicts coupled with pressures at the workplace reflect on their output at work and affects the entire organization’s performance, hence affecting its revenue. Often not evident on the face of it, poor mental health of employees is actually a huge cost to any organization. These costs include absenteeism, inadequate work performance, communication barriers, demotivated, unhappy staff, high attrition, medical expenditure and so on. Indian economy suffers a global loss of more than a trillion US dollars solely due to poor mental health of its workforce. Today, a majority of corporate personnel are diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

Poor mental health, left unaddressed, has been proven to have catapulted into drug abuse, addiction, social isolation, familial crisis, and even suicide.

The need for a Corporate Therapist

Engaging a corporate therapist is the hallmark of an emotionally intelligent organization.

World over, it has been observed and proven that therapy for the workforce


  • Workplace stress,
  • Absenteeism and Attrition,
  • Medical costs to the company,
  • Loss of customers / clients due to poor output,
  • Effects of personal pressures on work, and consequently,
  • Overall monetary losses to the company.


  • Employee motivation,
  • Performance and delivery,
  • Teamwork,
  • Communication,
  • A healthier and happier workforce, and
  • Employee retention and loyalty.

Our Services

We have a dedicated team of highly qualified psychotherapists having rich experience in a wide range of domains like communication, life-coaching, counselling, conflict management, leadership and executive coaching.


for employees - group therapy and individual therapy


for key top executives like CEO's, Chairmen, etc.


for female workforce


therapy for injuries caused at workplace


and Leadership Coaching


and seminars on mental health and self-care.

We also provide tailor-made therapy services for peculiar needs of an organisation on demand.

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