Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)

Course Overview

The Certified Kubernetes Administrator certification was created by Cloud Native Computing Foundation in collaboration with the Linux Foundation to foster the Kubernetes ecosystem. Originally designed by Google, today, Kubernetes is one of the highest velocity, most resilient open-source platforms of containerized workload management. This course is meticulously designed to bring to you all that you need to fit you out for the certification exam and get you to the top of your Kubernetes game. The CKA certification will make you globally competent to take on higher responsibilities in your organization with greater rewards.

Course duration

  • 2 days (8 hours per day) of classroom based lectures from certified experts.
  • Course includes exam preparation through hands-on real-life project experience.

Who should attend?

The CKA certification is targeted particularly towards Kubernetes Cluster Administrators. However, anyone wanting to understand Kubernetes and be able to work with it may also take this course. They may include Software Developers and Engineers, System Administrators, Linux and Cloud Administrators.

Course path

The course includes an in-depth study in the domains of:

  • Application Lifecycle Management;
  • Installation, Configuration & Validation:
  • Core Concepts;
  • Networking;
  • Scheduling;
  • Security;
  • Cluster Maintenance;
  • Logging-in / Monitoring;
  • Storage; and
  • Troubleshooting.

Pre-requisites for the course and eligibility for exam

  • In order to take the course and exam, the candidate is required to have a very strong understanding of containers and Docker. If you are not conversant with Docker, you may consider taking one of our Docker training courses to meet this requirement.
  • A good amount of experience of working with Linux shells will be beneficial, although not mandatory.


The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exams and certifications are provided by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) – USA. CNCF was founded with the goal of making cloud native technologies accessible to all and to further the sustenance and development of cloud native technologies.

Exam format

  • The exam is sat online through remote online proctoring via webcam, audio and remote screen viewing.
  • The exam duration is 3 hours (180 minutes).
  • There shall be a set of performance based problems to be solved in a command line. The pass percentage is 74%.
  • During the exam, for assistance, the candidate is allowed to access the following links in a separate tab and no other: https://kubernetes.io/docs/, https://github.com/kubernetes/ and https://kubernetes.io/blog/ and its subdomains. The candidate is also allowed to take notes using the Notepad feature of the exam console or use a text file in the command line terminal.
  • The exam is scored within 24 hours and the result is sent to the candidates by email within 36 hours of the completion of the exam. It is also made available on “My Portal” on the CNCF website from where the certificates can then be downloaded.


Q. For how long is the CKA certification valid?
A. The certification is valid for 3 years.

Q. How do I renew / maintain my CKA certification?
A. In order to renew your CKA certification, you need to sit and pass the same exam before the expiry of your certification.

Q. Which version of Kubernetes will be taught in the course?
A. The current running Kubernetes v1.18 will be taught in the course.

Q. Can I prepare for and sit the CKA certification exam by self-study without attending the course?
A. No. Although it is nowhere mentioned that a training is mandatory, it is strongly recommended that you attend a course. Given the advanced difficulty level of the exam, it is almost inevitable that one attends a training session before sitting the exam.

Q. Is the course fee inclusive of exam fee and cost of study material?
A. No, the course fee is not inclusive of the exam fee. However, the study material and a training kit shall be provided by us.

Q. What is the exam fee?
A. The exam fee is US$ 300, including one free retake to be taken within 12 months of the first attempt. If this period lapses without you sitting the exam, the second attempt will have to be purchased at the same cost. Further, even if you take the second attempt within the said 12 months but fail, subsequent attempts will have to be purchased at the same cost